Floridians vote “no” to Greyhound racing

Yesterday, Florida voters were asked to decide the fate of Greyhound racing in their state… here’s what they decided.

Change is coming to the sunshine state! While representative races were tight, Florida voters left no doubt about what they think of greyhound racing. 69% of Floridians who turned out to vote November 6th voted yes on amendment 13 which means that, by 2020, Florida will have phased out commercial greyhound racing.

Florida is currently the home of 11 of the 17 remaining greyhound racing tracks in the USA. While tracks house other betting games, the passing of amendment 13 means that they will no longer be able to profit off of dog racing. This shift will see them joining the majority of other states who ban the practice of commercial greyhound racing.

Dogs that are currently racing in Florida will start to be retired, so locals should watch out for pups in need of a safe and loving home! Check here for a list of greyhound rescues put together by educational organization Grey2K USA.