Gemmotherapy, a gentle healing system, involves the use of plant bud extracts to address health issues and help detoxify your dog or cat.

When healing a dog or cat, our goal is to awaken the doctor within, and in the process do no harm. This means using gentle treatments such as Gemmotherapy, a drainage healing system developed in Europe over 50 years ago.

In Gemmotherapy, the buds or young shoots of young plants are macerated and extracted with glycerin for 21 days, then made into a 1X potency. In the system I use, 60 plants are utilized. They work well in combination with homeopathy and other modalities, and are well tolerated by animals.

Gemmotherapy may help when other modalities don’t

I have used homeopathy, acupuncture, glandular therapy, nutrition, aromatherapy and Bach flowers in dogs and cats for over 30 years. Sometimes the cases were not progressing, or there was a factor none of my modalities could remedy. It wasn’t until I discovered Gemmotherapy that I was able to help these otherwise incurables. It can complement any modality you and your vet are presently using, including conventional treatments such as surgery and pharmaceuticals.

The beauty of Gemmotherapy is that you and your vet (as always, it’s important to work with a veterinarian who understands this therapy) can start your dog or cat on it along with other selected treatments to get a complementary effect. Areas of the body most negatively impacted by the environment need continued support to prevent them from rebuilding toxins that can inhibit the body’s ability to replicate cells. Since most toxins impact the cardiovascular system, digestive system, lung/large intestine, kidney/bladder and liver/gallbladder, these are prime areas of concentration for drainage treatment and prevention.

Treatment process

After evaluating each patient individually and assessing his current level of toxicity, I select one to eight Gemmotherapies and have the pet owner administer them at a frequency suited to the animal’s particular needs and responses to treatment. I also make sure the owner understands what healing is all about, so she doesn’t react to symptoms the cat or dog generates in the process of healing. The concept of starting and stopping a remedy is also explained so the owner doesn’t treat too fast and make the animal uncomfortable by accelerating the detoxification process too quickly.

Our goal is to get to a point where we can give a few drops of the Gemmotherapy with no detectable physical or emotional response for a week; then we are ready to proceed to maintenance.

It’s important to realize that each Gemmotherapy is specific for detoxing and strengthening the particular organ system that needs drainage and support. The animal may worsen before improving, indicating that the body is responding to the medicine. Overall, Gemmotherapy is very effective healing modality with a wide range of uses in dogs and cats. 

For more information on using Gemmotherapy, visit Dr. Blake’s website ( for his book Gemmotherapy For Our Animal Friends, and for webinars on the topic.


Veterinarian Dr. Stephen R. Blake has been practicing in San Diego for over 40 years. He dedicates his energy to holistic veterinary medicine, practicing classical homeopathy, acupuncture, Bach Flower therapy, aromatherapy, massage, Gemmotherapy, glandular therapy and nutrition. He is a member of the Council of Elders for the AHVMA, certified by IVAS in veterinary acupuncture, certified by AVH as a classical veterinary homeopath, and author of The Pet Whisperer and Gemmotherapy for our Animal Friends.