cancer grants for animals PetSavers, Inc.

Cancer has become one of the most dreaded diseases in humans and our canine companions – and it’s no wonder. As the leading cause of death in dogs in the United States, it’s threat that every pet parent fears. On the bright side, this common health issue has inspired many organizations whose sole purpose is to help sick animals and their guardians. Among these is The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – DVM PetSavers.

Dedicated to saving the lives of canines conflicted with cancer or who are critically ill or injured, The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation provides grants to families, enabling them to pay for critical veterinary care that would otherwise be unaffordable. The foundation was named to carry on the legacy of Steven G. Abrams, a veterinarian whose lifelong dream was to help every animal in need of medical care, regardless of financial constraints.

If you’re a pet parent who needs a grant for your beloved companion animal, ask your veterinarian if they participate with The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation. If not, visit

How can you help?

Thousands of cancer-stricken pets are being euthanized daily due to lack of funds. Spread the word by sharing this blog, or visit to donate today.