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Sprayable pet supplements with natural microbead controlled release absorption technology can boost well-being.

Many of the human and pet market supplements don’t seem to yield the results they promise. The reason behind their ineffectiveness is common – low bioavailability. Bioavailability is a scientific term that refers to a product or ingredient’s ability to enter circulation in the body and therefore deliver its intended benefit.

Active ingredients that are not absorbed by the body are wasted. It doesn’t matter how good the ingredients are; they will not help your pet if they do not have a high degree of bioavailability. For example, probiotics and dog joint supplements with low bioavailability, or cat vitamins that don’t consider bioavailability can be a waste of money. Increasing bioavailability in pet supplements is crucial.

How to improve bioavailability 

High bioavailability means the active ingredient will be able to achieve the desired action in its fullest possible capacity. The way the medicinal product is manufactured can be a make-or-break proposition for the bioavailability of the active ingredients. When AlchemyPet was looking for the highest bioavailability for their supplements, they went to Switzerland, the global hub for leading biotech advancement. There, they worked with a product development team of self-proclaimed Swiss geeks to utilize award-winning technology to deliver products with the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

The Swiss-derived microencapsulation technology used in AlchemyPet formulations incorporates micro-sized alginate microbeads. This enables the controlled release of active ingredients. And it masks particularly strong flavors and aromas, while improving bioavailability and absorption on most holistic ingredients by up to 50%. Alginate microbeads also ensure the stability and viability of live ingredients such as probiotics for dogs. It’s biohacking for the better!

This unique award-winning microencapsulation technology is used in AlchemyPet’s Restore,
formulated for hyper dogs, Revitalize, to give your pet an energy boost, Mobilize, an advanced hip and joint supplement for dogs or cats, and our For Sight spray, a dog eye care product for dog tear stain issues.

High-quality ingredients in a convenient spray format

Not surprisingly, AlchemyPet uses clean ingredient, vegan products and ZERO harmful chemicals or preservatives. The taste-friendly, plant-based formulas come in a convenient spray format so you can quickly spritz any food or liquid your dog loves. Supplementing your dog is that easy! And because the products feature multiple ingredients, you can do away with multiple supplement containers.

Building a strong immune system

AlchemyPet is a strong believer in producing products that prevent serious health conditions and harmful pathogens so pets spend less time at the vet’s office. Creating a strong immune system is one of the pivotal parts of getting proactive about your pet’s health, so the company developed immunity enhancers Immunity Booster, and Immunity Booster (for large dogs). These state-of-the-art formulations will keep defending your furry companion’s health furr-ever.

Partners in Science and the Planet

As a planet-friendly pet company, AlchemyPet has partnered with several of the world’s leading branded ingredient suppliers, including:

  • Sendle – a 100% carbon neutral shipping service
  • Kappa Bioscience, whose Vitamin K2 product was recently given status as the benchmark ingredient for clinical studies in the USA, and who collaborates to plant 1000 trees with all of their ingredient partners.
  • Indena™ — a pioneering Italian plant medicine company*
  • Natreon — a leader in clinically-studied joint supplements for dogs.

You want your furry friends to live healthy, full lives so you can keep them in the family for as long as possible. By combining high-quality plant-based ingredients with advanced scientific technology to increase bioavailability in pet supplements, AlchemyPet can help you do just that. After all, they are the pet well-being biohackers!

*Indena® is a registered trademark of Indena SpA, Italy


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