iqaluit humane society
Boss is a beautiful husky at IHS who is currently looking for his new forever home.

Iqaluit Humane Society needs your help!

Recently, our Publisher, Tim Hockley, his wife and Editor-in-chief, Dana Cox, and their son Tristan visited the Iqaluit Humane Society, Nunavut’s first and only animal shelter.

With a camera in hand, Tim captured the beauty of Canada’s north and the dogs who call it home.

“It’s hard to really describe it in words,” says Tim about the vast beauty of Iqaluit. “Even my pictures don’t do it justice. You could see 50 km in every direction, the air was so pure, and I think it is something you need to experience yourself.”

In partnership with the Iqaluit Humane Society ( and First Air, Animal Wellness Magazine is supporting their fundraising campaign of $75,000. IHS runs solely on donation and the support of volunteers.  They work month to month, fundraiser to fundraiser, taking it all one step at a time.  With no government funding or contracts to support them and what they do it is a constant battle to stay afloat.

Since experiencing running with staff they have had the opportunity to care for more animals, spend more time rehabilitating the ones that need extra attention, manage the additional workload of bringing community animals into our care, and providing extra support to animals who would have not received it before.

The goal of this fundraiser is to allow for the Iqaluit Humane Society to bring on a full-time staff person as well as provide funds for the ongoing support of the animals in their care.

For every $50 donated to the Iqaluit Humane Society between June 20 and September 30 your name will be entered into a draw to WIN a once in a lifetime trip Canada’s beautiful north! For more detail or to donate click here.



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