Photo credit: The Canadian Press

Four years ago in California, BooBoo the cat went missing. This week, he was found… in a different country. Traversing 3,000 kilometers, several states and one international border, BooBoo finally landed in Guelph, Ontario where he was taken in by a local humane society.

BooBoo’s owner, 21-year-old Ashley Aleman, said their family gave up looking for the family cat years ago. But as part of a routine checkup at the shelter, staff discovered a microchip that made this unlikely reunion possible.

A microchip can help you find your missing feline – no matter how far he travels. Animal organizations such as the ASPCA strongly recommend microchipping, and oftentimes the procedure is included in the cost of adoption. This miraculous story emphasizes the importance of microchipping, and proves that it really does work.

Here’s a few advantages of microchipping your pet:

  • A chip cannot be altered, removed or lost.
  • Getting chipped is no more painful than a rabies shot.
  • With no battery or moving parts to wear out, a chip lasts a lifetime.
  • A chip presents no health risk to your cat.
  • Microchip companies maintain a database with your cat’s information – medical history, vet’s name, description, photo, microchip number and contact numbers to call when he’s found.

Many cat parents think that because they have an indoor cat that doesn’t go outside, chipping isn’t necessary. But cats are escape artists, and the threat of them getting lost is very real. While the truth about BooBoo’s incredible journey remains a mystery, one thing is certain – Aleman is thrilled that her furry friend is finally returning home.


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