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Natural grooming products for dogs include everything you need to keep your pooch looking and smelling her best. From canine colognes and coat color enhancers, to hypoallergenic shampoos and waterless leave-in sprays, the list of products is endless, making it easier than ever to treat your dog to a canine spa experience, without the use of harsh chemicals.

The natural grooming trend

The natural grooming market is growing, and it’s no surprise why. “Natural grooming products are becoming popular as we become more aware of the effects of certain toxic ingredients,” says Samantha Kent of Kibble Pet, which makes natural salon-quality canine grooming products. “I would say that pet grooming products closely follow the trends of human personal care products because people want their pets to receive the same quality of care as they do.”

“Today’s consumers are savvy when it comes to both health and the environment,” adds Lorna Ladd of Happytails Canine Spa. “They realize that synthetic ingredients are absorbed through the skin and may cause health problems.”

This article looks at just some of the natural dog grooming products you can choose from.

Shampoos and conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners for dogs abound, but it’s important to only buy products that are free of the many chemicals found in commercial products. This is especially important if your dog has allergies or sensitive skin.

“Consumers should avoid buying anything that contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, toxins and harsh soaps, because they’ll cause serious dryness and irritation,” says Samantha Kent of Kibble Pet, which makes natural salon quality canine grooming products.

Conversely, hypoallergenic ingredients such as calendula are much gentler on a dog’s skin, and actually work to relive allergy symptoms and restore skin and coat health in a gentle and natural way.

Bathless spritzes and sprays

What if your dog doesn’t like baths? No shampoo, no matter how rich and soothing, can change some dogs’ aversion to water; for these pooches, natural waterless sprays and spritzes may be the answer. These products remove the “bath” from “bath time” by allowing you to clean your dog without H2O. While periodic baths are still recommended, natural waterless sprays and spritzes are a quick and easy solution for dirty dogs. Most work to eliminate odors rather than simply mask them, and there’s no rinsing required.

Color enhancers

Some health conditions can cause a dog’s coat to lose its sheen or even fade in color. If this happens to your dog, the first step is to take her to the vet for a checkup. Once any health issues have been addressed, look for a natural shampoo or lotion that’s specifically formulated to restore a dog’s natural coat color. Pure organic ingredients are of particular importance when it comes to this type of product, because certain commercial dyes contain synthetic colors that are harmful to animals. All-natural color enhancers use botanical formulas to cleanse and brighten your dog’s coat the healthy way.

 Stain removers

Tear stains are a common problem in many dogs. These unsightly brown markings on the facial hair around the eyes can be caused by a poor diet and/or health problems, so again, a veterinary check is a good first step. Gentle natural wipes are available to help remove these stains, but you also need to work from the inside out by switching your dog’s diet to a high quality whole meat-based food.

Dog “perfumes”

Take a look at the ingredients on a bottle of human perfume. It goes without saying that all those synthetic fragrances and preservatives wouldn’t be good for your dog. But that doesn’t mean all scents are off the table. Natural scented sprays for dogs use aromatic essences extracted straight from nature, including plant-based essential oils such as peppermint and lavender. It’s not a good idea to use essential oils at full strength on your dog, but you can buy blends especially for dogs that dilute the oils with carrier oils; these can be sprayed directly on her coat. As a bonus, certain essential oils have been shown to have a calming effect on dogs, and will repel fleas and ticks while making them smell good.

Some might say the sheer variety and volume of dog grooming products on the market is a bit over the top. But that doesn’t change the fact that proper grooming is important. Certain dogs require more grooming that others and how you primp your pooch can mean the difference between a healthy dog and an unhealthy one. While painting her nails isn’t something that will increase her lifespan, choosing the right shampoo for her skin and coat might. At the end of the day, trying out different grooming products is a wonderful way to bond with your dog. Determine which brands contain quality ingredients by doing some extra research of your own, and keep in mind that no amount of extravagant pampering outshines natural quality care!

For even more pampering

The gamut of natural grooming products for dogs doesn’t stop there, and also encompasses more unusual things like paw soaks, breath sprays and deodorant powders. Some people might draw the line at spending money on such canine luxuries, but there’s more to them than aesthetic appeal.

  • If you have a musty-smelling mutt, a deodorant powder will eliminate odor while protecting her hair, balancing her skin pH levels, and soothing minor irritations.
  • Paw soaks are wonderful for reversing the effects of harsh climates and can help heal and restore moisture to dry, cracked pads.
  • A natural breath spray often does more than just keep your dog’s breath sweet – it can also help prevent dental issues by preventing plaque buildup.

Natural grooming is earth-friendly too!

On top of the health and beauty perks, using natural grooming products for your dog is better for the planet. When bathing and rinsing your dog, the ingredients in the shampoos and other products you’re using get washed down the drain and ultimately end up in the water system. The chemicals found in commercial grooming products end up adding to the pollution affecting our drinking water and harming wildlife. Products made from natural ingredients are less toxic to the environment and tend to break down more quickly than most manmade chemicals.


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