natural solutions for diarrhea in dogs

While it’s important to treat the root cause of diarrhea, there are some ways to treat your dog’s discomfort in the meantime.

Different healing modalities could help with addressing diarrhea. You could help by using Reiki, T-Touch, HTA, flower essences, supplements, homeopathy and more. I am giving multiple suggestions because only some may be available in your area, and each animal is unique, so what works with one does not work with all. This is the joy of holistic approaches — we have dozens of things to try, while conventional has merely a few.

1. Even before you are trained in Reiki (please get that training as soon as possible as your hands will become healers for the rest of your life), you can ask for this energy healing that cannot hurt and may help. Check with local health food stores or practitioners in your area or do on line searches to find Reiki practitioners who can do this from anywhere in the country.

2. You can try Phytomucil from Animal Essentials or make your own from marshmallow root from the health food store — 1 teaspoon of the ground root in 1 C of boiling water. Stir till cooled. It should feel slippery – if not add more powder. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with something your animal likes to eat and give 3-4 times a day.

3. Using a probiotic would be important since this seems like a longer term problem. Mitomax is a super probiotic. I have had many animals’ diarrhea clear up while using this, thought sometimes they need to stay on it. Unlike other probiotics, it is very stable and is ok at the low stomach pH.

4. Flower essences are totally safe and can be used for digestive upset as long and as frequently as they seem to help. Many flower essence companies have blends for animals’ diarrhea, while others with companies with single essences can help you select a combination. Remember that using a journal will help you figure out what is helping the most.

5. Aloe vera is great for any ailment of mucus membranes. You can purchase drinkable organic or squeeze some drops from the cut edge of your own aloe plant.

6. Most importantly, begin now to change to a raw meaty bone diet as this cures, or at least helps, about 40% of animals with digestive problems who come to my practice. Also, you can use single proteins to find ones that may be more soothing to your pet.

Finding and working with an integrative veterinarian is really important. The links page on my site,, has the sites for each of the holistic veterinary associations. Homeopathic veterinarians can even help by phone if you have no one near you.