Nature’s Logic® is creating a better planet, one batch of pet food at a time

Looking for a pet food company that’s committed to the health of the planet? Nature’s Logic® has changed the industry and continues championing environmental sustainability. 

Have you ever wondered if the food your give your dog or cat is sustainably produced? You’re not alone! For many of us, leading a “healthy lifestyle” reaches beyond our individual choices. We recognize that every decision has a domino effect that impacts the lives of our animals and the planet. Unfortunately, many animal parents struggle to find a food that supports these sustainability ideals. Enter Nature’s Logic® – a pet food company dedicated to the health and wellness of animals, while also striving to reduce the carbon “pawprint” of our dogs and cats.

It started when founder Scott Freeman asked a pivotal question back in 2006 – is it possible to create a complete animal diet, with all the essential nutrients, from only whole foods, rather than depending on synthetics to easily and cheaply meet nutritional requirements? He discovered it was, became devoted to reshaping the industry. Nature’s Logic was born.

Health and harmony form the foundation on which the company operates. “We believe in a world where the food our pets eat and the way in which it is provided are in harmony with the principles of nature,” says CEO David Yaskulka. The Nature’s Logic line has both canine grain-free and non-GMO whole grain millet canine and feline diets. All their products avoid high-glycemic substitutes like potatoes, peas or legumes, and are high in all-natural taurine. Despite how the company has grown since its launch, the beliefs that kick-started it still resonate strongly with David. “I am proud that our diets, treats, and supplements are truly 100% natural,” he says. “We love creating pet food that people can feel good about feeding their furry family members.”

Nature’s Logic is still making ripples in the industry. Their headquarters, as well as their kibble and bag manufacturing facilities, are powered by 100% renewable electricity. For every pound of pet food sold by Nature’s Logic, they purchase one kilowatt hour of renewable energy. Their new goal is to help some of their partners also become fully powered by renewable electricity.

With this strong commitment to sustainability, the company doesn’t plan on stopping their push to create a healthier planet. “We continue to explore as many ways as possible to make our carbon footprint smaller,” explains David. For example, the seafood in their latest line comes from sustainable fisheries endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). In addition, Nature’s Logic is the first company in the pet industry to roll out plastic-neutral bags, and they are also an active member of the Pet Sustainability Council (PSC).

And, of course, health and harmony are still at the forefront of their mission. “We want to provide the most nutritious and safest products,” says David. “I firmly believe that together, we can create a better future by finding impactful, thoughtful ways to do better for our pets and the planet.”