Image courtesy of PetPace.

Pet wearables are gaining popularity… and no wonder! These devices are helping pet parents track their companion’s vitals, activity levels and location.

The trend of cats and dogs wearing pet wearables is continuing to gain popularity. These devices include GPS and fitness trackers, which more pet parents are opting to buy for their dogs and cats as a way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and prevent their beloved fur babies from getting lost. The technology has the ability to track activity, vitals, and calories burnt and consumed, and record the data which can then be taken to the pet’s veterinarian, or used at home as a way to improve quality of life.

Photo courtesy of Grand View Research.

According to a recent report from Grand View Research, pet wearable manufactures are launching more innovative products that are capable of doing even more. It was projected that over the next ten years, the popularity of these devices will continue to climb (see chart above), partly due to the “increasing attachment of owners with their pets for companionship, entertainment, fitness and mental wellbeing.”