Does your puppy refuse to poop outside?

If your puppy refuses to poop outside, know that she’s not the only one. Here’s a few tips to help you remedy the problem.

It might seem like it, but your puppy isn’t refusing to poop outside. Rather, she thinks she’s not supposed to poop outside. Dogs will always prefer to go where they think they should go. You did a great job with the urination part – kudos! That is often harder to do. But, essentially, consider her non-housetrained and go back to square one. At this age, this is not at all unusual. Teenage dogs often forget their housetraining. It’s okay – you can fix this!

1) Be sure she is fed a measured amount on a schedule. If food is going in randomly, it is coming out randomly. If food is going in on a schedule, it is coming out on a schedule.

2) Crate her or leash her and keep her at your side at all times. Never leave her unattended (unless she is crated) until she has gone 2 weeks without a poop in the house.

3) If she poops in the crate, make sure it is the correct size and also that she is not anxious in the crate.

4) Have an extra special treat she only gets when she poops outside.

5) Take her out on a regular schedule, watch closely for sniffing and circling (scoop her right up and run outside!!).

6) Keep her on leash, and walk around in a small area near the house until she poops. Avoid going for walks until after she poops – she may be too distracted to remember to go! If she hasn’t gone yet, wait longer. Expect to wait for 30-45 mins. If she doesn’t go, she can come back inside – no scolding, but no walks or praise. Take her back out within 15-20 mins. Repeat until you get “results.” As soon as she goes – give her a bit of yummy treat and praise her. Take her for a long walk or play time. Also check out our free housetraining and living with teenage dogs webinar here: