Program benefits travelers and rescue dogs
Photo courtesy of Mutual Rescue.

Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out program is helping rescue dogs and humans across the country!

Do you miss your dog on the road? Ever wish you could borrow one to get your “dog fix”? With Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out program, you can do just that! This unique program encourages people to take rescue dogs from local shelters on hikes, to the beach, to dinner at pet-friendly restaurants, or on other “field trips”. The outings help shelter dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy, and get more exposure in their communities. As a bonus, they give traveling animal lovers an opportunity to spend time with dogs if they’re missing their own canine companions.

“These programs are a win-win for participants, the dogs and the shelters,” says Carol Novello, president and founder of Mutual Rescue. “Traveling can be stressful and spending time with dogs can greatly reduce that stress. It’s a fantastic opportunity to do something good for yourself and help change a shelter dog’s life.”

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