Can quercetin help with seasonal allergies in dogs?

Quercetin is an excellent natural remedy for seasonal and environmental allergies in dogs. But how much should you give and how often?

When it comes to canine allergies, seeking healthier treatment options is great. I would encourage you, however, to go to the next step — to look for permanent cures, not just symptom relief. When the vibrational energy field is balanced, allergies (for people and animals) completely go away and need no treatments. Until then, it is safe to take the quercetin and give some to your pet. It works best if given with a great probiotic, bromelain and/or papain, which directly help allergies and help the absorption of the quercetin.

Usually human dosages are based on 125 lb person. Many people are taking 500 mg twice a day, so by that measure you should be giving a 20 lb dog about 150 mg per day. Quercetin is safe to give your dog for the few months of allergy season, so you could have 1/2 capsule twice a day for that time period. If it is working well, you can give less, and if he’s still too itchy, give a bit more.

Sometimes merely switching to a fresh food diet with raw, meaty bones, or adding coconut oil or a probiotic, is enough to combat allergies all year long. In the meantime, quercetin should help cut his symptoms!


Veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980. She is a founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathic Summer School and has been the holistic modality adjunct faculty liaison for the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program. Dr. Chambreau is author of Healthy Animal’s Journal, co-author of the Homeopathic Repertory: A Tutorial, and former Associate Editor of IVC Journal.