Highly processed dog foods are a cheaper alternative to raw foods, but unfortunately both pet guardians and their companions may pay the price later.

These highly processed foods can clog your furry friend’s digestive function by changing the pH of their stomach and altering their gut balance bacteria.

When you look at the lengthy list of ingredients on a bag of commercial kibble to see that it is packed with low-cost grains and sugars, which dogs can’t metabolize as well as humans (these ‘filler foods’ also wreak havoc on your dog’s teeth!). While we know that feeding raw is wonderful for your pet’s health – it’s not always possible or convenient. This is what has given way to alternative-to-raw diets, that pack nutrients into their recipes with minimal processing.

ZIWI® Peak: The alternative to raw pet food you should consider

Many pet guardians prefer to feed their dogs and cats a raw diet over a commercial dry food for the multitude of benefits it can provide. It does, however, require time, preparation, and dedication to properly feed a raw balanced diet. For pet guardians looking for a diet with the nutrition of raw and the convenience of dry food, ZIWI Peak recipes are an excellent choice. Here is why!

Nutrient dense 

Three portions of raw ingredients go into creating one portion of ZIWI Peak air-dried. Featuring 96% meat in a highly digestible diet with none of the unnecessary additives, ZIWI Peak is a safe raw alternative that still provides the nutrition of a raw diet.

Safe nutrition

Unlike conventional dry foods that are mass produced and cooked at high temperatures compromising nutrition, ZIWI® Peak foods are handcrafted and gently air-dried in our own New Zealand kitchens. Our twin-stage air drying technology is inspired by the centuries-old technique of naturally preserving meats, eliminating pathogens and bacteria, and making it safe for you to serve and your pets to eat.

Ready-to-serve and shelf stable

Unlike raw feeding, ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes are ready to serve right after you open the bag. The shelf life after a bag is opened is 8 weeks, and unopened bags have a shelf life of 21 months from the date of manufacturing.

Peak nutrition without compromise

ZIWI recipes are made simply, with the slow, gentle movement of air and no artificial preservatives, additives, or binders. Whether you are out traveling with your four-legged best friend or don’t have the immediate resources to maintain a consistent raw diet, ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes provide the best of both worlds: the nutrition and natural benefits of a raw diet, as a safe, convenient, ready-to-serve food.