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What do you call a dog who lives with a comedian with a surround sound system? A sub-woofer.

Cue the laughter… Ha. Ha. Ha.

Let us introduce you to Rory Uphold, an established comedian in Hollywood, California that has learnt to deal with the “Hollywood animals”, AKA the cut-throat industry folks, while living in the city of stars. But there is one special ‘secret to success’ that she attributes to her daily happiness – that is she is the mommy to a lovable dog that helps “distract from the craziness of the business”.

Animal Wellness Magazine spoke to Rory out of her home in Hollywood to find out more about her fun career, adopting dogs, bringing her cute pup to red carpets, and her general love of animals.

AW: In a few short words, explain to us why you love animals.

RU: Because animals are magical!

AW: You have a dog… Tell us more about him.

RU: Benson is a rescue puppy that I got through my friend/stylist, Nola Singer, who is an extremely passionate animal activist. I went to an event at her house and Benson was available for adoption. Prior to arriving at the shelter, Benson had been neglected and mistreated which still seems impossible to me – how anyone could not be obsessed with this dog is beyond me! We thought another family was going to adopt her and when they didn’t the volunteers were upset because she had used up her time at the shelter and was going to be put up for transfer. I snapped. I just started crying. I was flying to Africa for three weeks in four days but I knew I had to save this dog, so I did. It was the craziest/best decision I’ve ever made.

AW: These days you hear so many horror stories about owners and their pets. How do you feel about people who abuse their pets and other animals?

RU: I think we should treat people who mistreat animals the same way we treat people who mistreat people. I think that animal abuse is no different from human abuse, except that in the former the victims can’t speak out. People who target those who can’t fight back are especially sick.

AW: If you could come back in your next life as one animal, what would it be and why?

RU: My dog, because she is beyond spoiled.

AW: Do you feel having Benson helps your overall career and dealing with various situations?

RU: Sometimes Hollywood feels like it’s run by animals, so there’s that. Also, having a dog has helped distract me from the craziness of this business. No matter what, Benson still loves me and she always brightens my day.

AW: Is your dog Insta-famous yet? Or are you against that?

RU: Wow, what a question… No, Benson is not Insta-famous. I’m not against it but I am certainly not doing anything to make it happen.

AW: Why should people adopt instead of shop?

RU: With all the information out there right now, I’m a big advocate for rescuing. In some cases, if you buy a dog, your money supports the mistreatment of other dogs and that’s wrong. It’s a hard line, but I’m sticking to it!

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