StripHair® The Gentle Groomer® – an innovative grooming tool you didn’t know you needed

Here’s why so many pet parents are reaching for StripHair® The Gentle Groomer® to groom their dogs and cats.

Most animal caretakers have a favorite grooming tool – the brush or comb they reach for again and again. Chances are, it gets the job done. But grooming is about so much more than removing hair, and the majority of tools on the market don’t address that. Enter StripHair® The Gentle Groomer®. This all-in-one grooming device is turning grooming into a therapeutic bonding experience that helps dogs, cats and horses look and feel their best.

Created by Betty’s Best, Inc.® in 2014, The Gentle Groomer is an award-winning product that’s taken the animal world by storm. Formulated with natural tree rubber, orange essential oils and antimicrobial agents, it’s designed to clean, shine, shed and massage animals in the most soothing way possible. Unlike traditional brushes, it contains no bristles or sharp edges that can scratch the skin and harm hair follicles. Instead, the textured rubber gently draws dirt and dander to the surface while removing loose hair.

Over the past five years, this unique tool has quickly become the go-to for hundreds of animal caretakers and industry experts alike. Dogs and cats enjoy being groomed with it, which is a game changer for animals with a lot of grooming-induced anxiety. But why, exactly, does it have this effect? “Unlike harsh metal tools, The Gentle Groomer mimics the feeling of a hand firmly stroking the body,” says Betty. “Animals relax into this because of its physiological (increased blood flow) and psychological (calming and reassuring) effects.”

Beyond its ability to instill relaxation, The Gentle Groomer has been shown to stimulate circulation, as well as warm the muscles before activity and promote faster recovery. And, of course, it effectively removes loose hair and dirt. Because it’s so gentle, it can be used daily, year-round. It helps winter coats shed naturally, removes mud in the spring, and keeps your animals gleaming straight through the summer, fall and winter. You can even use it to lather shampoo and slick off water during bath time!

The time you spend grooming your animal companion is extremely valuable. It should be purposeful and effective, and The Gentle Groomer is helping animal parents everywhere achieve just that. Plus, thanks to its durability and multi-purpose functionality, it saves money and time. This is something all animal caretakers are happy to have more of, including Betty herself. “We all have animals of our own, so we know firsthand how deserving they are,” she says. “The Gentle Groomer allows us to prioritize their physical and mental well-being simultaneously, and we’re so happy to be able to share it with the world.”