Not-for-profit coalition offers support to animal caretakers during COVID-19

PAWresponse, a nationwide not-for-profit coalition, is connecting animal caretakers with “helpers” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the nation’s healthcare workers and victims of the crisis courageously fight the pandemic, a number of pet companies have set out to do their part. Among these is Pawtocol, a pet technology company that recently launched PAWresponse, a nationwide, not-for-profit coalition to mobilize support for animal care during this COVID-19 crisis.

While other organizations are focusing on a singular area or service (e.g. fostering), PAWresponse is addressing broader needs. They’ve opened up their doors to individual pet parents and large organizations alike to address a variety of concerns faced during these trying times. Like an international online matchmaking service made by pet lovers for pet lovers, they’re bringing together those who can help with those who need it.

Some pet parents may need round-the-clock care for their animal companions, or may have a food shortage. PAWresponse connects them with people who can fulfill those needs. There are others offering services such as veterinarian assistance, pet sitting or general outreach. Animal caretakers at rescues and shelters need help with areas such as transport, dog walking, or daily care and feeding. Those who are out of work could use something to do, and helping animals is a great way to change a negative situation into a positive one.

“Being a pet-centric company, we thought it was important to pause and launch this coalition to protect the most vulnerable and serve the heroes who are on the front lines of this pandemic,” says PAWresponse founder Karim Quazzini. “We may be in quarantine, but we can all work together and do a lot of good.”

PAWresponse has been working with rescues large and small and would like to reach out to more. Coordinating with great animal welfare organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, they’ve also successfully connected those seeking to foster pets with different shelters along the east coast.

PAWresponse is focused on helping companion animals, no matter what the species – from dogs and cats to birds, reptiles, small mammals. They’re even helping horses and livestock.

If you can give help or need help, visit, follow them on Twitter at @PAWresponse or learn more about them on YouTube.


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