Meet TuggerTails!

Meet TuggerTails — a canine actor, TV star, model and therapy dog who travels throughout the United States!

Life is pretty good for TuggerTails. It was almost two years ago, when a lady who looks like Dora the Explorer came running up the lawn of the farm where I was born in the Hill Country of Texas. I was just 4-weeks old at the time and the nice lady plopped down with my brothers and me, then she picked up my brother Blue.


I sat watching as the lady told Blue she was going to be his new mommy. She kissed all over him and spoke of the wonderful home he would have and the adventures they would go on. He would have a sister named CC and they would travel all over the country going on adventures together. Hiking and fishing in the mountains, summers at the beach; it went on and on. Right then and there, I decided I would be the one to go home with her, not my brother Blue.

Three weeks later, that lady was back and I made my move. I jumped all over her, tugged at her pants leg and begged her to pick me. I got her attention and she lifted me up and said, “Aren’t you a little Tugger?” I knew right then that I had met my new mom and she named me TuggerTails on the spot. I guess all of my tugging made an impression and my little tail would not stop moving, so TuggerTails seemed like a good fit to me.


Our adventures started immediately. Mom, who I sometimes call the momager, realized I was going to be a real handful. She explained that she was the head of the household and the one in charge, not me. We spent our first few days bonding with each other and mom quickly realized that I was very food motivated and smart. I’ll do almost anything for a cookie, so mom started TuggerTraining me with free-shaping clicker training. I knew how to sit, lie down and pose when I was just 9-weeks old and received my Canine Good Citizen’s (CGC) at 4-months old.

I’m almost 2-years old now and I can TuggerTell ya my mom has kept her promise. We have had so much fun traveling together. I’ve been to the beach in the Outer Banks and the mountains of CO already and we continue to train on a weekly basis. I compete in competitive obedience and got my first AKC title this summer. We do advanced agility, canine freestyle dance and I’m trained to work for the camera and have over 50 behaviors and/or tricks on voice and hand command. When mom and I are not working, I spend my days playing with my doggie buds and swimming in my cement pond. Swimming is by far my favorite thing to do.


Last summer, mom and I started a blog on Facebook where I TuggerTalk to my fans, the TuggerTroopies. I can’t believe my page has grown to 130,000 fans on Facebook and it continues to climb on a daily basis. Every day is an adventure in TuggerTowne. I hope you’ll come join us for some TuggerTalk and my daily TuggerTails’ Adventures!