Saturday, September 24, 2022

What is a good natural heartworm and flea preventative?

Q.I am trying to go all natural with my beagle. She is not quite four years old and is spayed. What is a good natural heartworm/flea preventative? I have had some problems with Frontline Plus/Heartguard. I have not used these products in more than a year. Any helpful information and tips? I live in Florida.


A.I frown upon conventional heartworm preventative in most sections of North America. However, because you live in Florida where heartworm incidence is high, the proper decision becomes a touchier subject. There are homeopathic heartworm nosode programs available, especially through experienced veterinarians, that I have seen to be effective. Also, I have seen black walnut reverse positive heartworm patients, so I have also used it as a preventative. Even though there are reports of potential toxicity with black walnut, I have not observed this and feel it wouldn’t have nearly the toxic effects of chemical medicines. For people who live in areas of high heartworm risk, I advise a combination of the above by alternating the black walnut with a daily heartworm preventative throughout each week. Remember, this is just advice; not a set recommendation. (For more information on heartworm, see Volume 6, Issue 3.)

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