Saturday, September 24, 2022

What supplements can I give my cat for lead poisoning?

Q.I have a 15-year old-cat who has been sleeping in window sills for the last two years. I just found out the sills are full of chipping lead paint. I’m very concerned about lead poisoning. Are there dietary supplements I can give him – sea vegetable powder, anything like that – that can help clear his blood of lead should it be present? I am generally very non-interventionist and treat him only homeopathically when he is ill. He eats a diet of raw meat mixed with TC Instincts powder and has been doing this since he had severe kidney problems in 2001 (he hasn’t had any since).


A.Reports suggest that the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium may help eliminate and/or combat lead poisoning. For years, my favorite supplement used in cases like this is Extox by Progressive Labs. One caution: it does contain garlic powder and garlic is considered toxic to cats. I have personally used this product on cats, with precautionary qualification, and saw no observable problems over the long term. I have also given garlic to my own cats for many years – I routinely cooked it into my one’s cat’s food and he lived to be 24. But I’m not recommending it. The product contains other ingredients that have heavy metal binding properties, including vitamin C, bentonite, l-lysine, chlorophyll, dl-methionine and sodium alginate. You could use several or all of these.

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