Why does my dog have watery poop?

    Q.I have a 1½-year-old miniature schnauzer. Ever since I started taking him out when he was five months old, he has shown a very weird bathroom pattern. When the walk is limited to ten minutes, he releases properly, but if I take him for longer walk, he poos at least eight times until it becomes watery. I talked to three different vets but all said there was nothing wrong and that nothing could be done. Is it possible that scents left behind by other dogs are causing this reaction? He has very weak digestion as well. I have been feeding him natural food for some time, but he is not interested in anything except lamb and chicken. Is there any homeopathic medicine that might help him?


    A.From what you are describing, especially with the weak digestion and watery stools, this does not sound like a behavioral problem. Colitis and inflammatory bowel disease are becoming an epidemic in pets, especially young ones. I personally feel that vaccinations have a contributory role, so a word of caution here. Two homeopathic remedies that will address the issue are Diar-Relief by Dr. Goodpet, and Diarrhea Aid by Professional Health Products. About the best supplement I have experienced for intestinal health is Acetylator by Vetri-Science Labs. Another good product is a fermented fish product named Seacure. Also, as mentioned in previous columns, I am currently very interested in the application of Garden of Life’s Primal Defense to veterinary medicine. There are a number of other products available. Of course, make sure to rule out intestinal parasites through your veterinarian.

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