Friday, October 7, 2022

Why is my cat loosing hair around his tail?

Q.I have a male long-haired cat who is about two years old. He has lost about half the hair along the front of his tail and his fur is oily and very matted. The skin where he has lost the fur is flaky and pinkish red. He is continuing to lose more hair and it seems that his tail is sensitive to the touch. What could be the problem?


A.Without examining your cat, it is difficult to recommend a specific therapy. One thing I can say is that the distribution pattern of flea allergy conditions in cats (and in dogs) is specific to the tail base and down the initial part of the tail. If this is the case, then two homeopathics with which I’ve had success are Professional Health Product’s Flea Aid and Dr. Goodpet’s Flea Relief. Of course, all the other products for natural flea control would also apply.

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