Tips for walking your dog in the rain

Bad weather can throw a wrench in your dog’s daily walking routine. To help you get exercise and stay safe, we put together five tips for walking your dog in the rain.

Rain or shine, your dog depends on his daily walks to stay active and mentally stimulated. But when the weather isn’t agreeable, your walk can quickly go from a fun adventure to a messy and unpleasant experience. Don’t let spring showers ruin your dog’s favorite outing. Instead, check out these easy helpful tips for keeping your pet dry and safe on a rainy walk.

Gear up

Being soaking wet can make your daily walks pretty unpleasant, but picking the right gear can make a big difference. Rain gear is important for both of you. Umbrellas, raincoats, and even boots will be the difference between a soggy walk and a fun one.

Fresh water

It may sound silly to bring water when you go out in the rain, but having a supply of fresh, clean water for your dog to drink can help you deter him from tasting the puddles along your walk.

Rainwater can contain bacteria and pollutants, and puddles collect the dirt and chemicals that rain encounters while it flows along the ground. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid letting your dog drink from any stagnant water you pass on your trip.

Keep clean

With or without rain gear, your dog is going to be tracking mud and dirt wherever he goes. Minimize the mess by prepping your house and car for clean-up.

Car seat covers, drying towels, pet wipes, and absorbent floor mats can help to keep your dog from making a mud masterpiece on your living room carpet.


No matter how hard you try to keep your dog clean after a rainy walk, he might still need a quick bath before he’s allowed back on the furniture. Depending on his coat type, consider investing in a pet hair dryer to help him dry off quickly and stay warm.

Be seen

Heavy rain can limit visibility. Keep yourself and your dog safe by making sure you can both be easily seen by passing cars and pedestrians. LED collar or leash attachments, reflective gear, and bright colored clothes will make you easy to spot by passersby.

Know when to stay home

It’s best to keep your dog’s routine as consistent as possible, but sometimes extreme weather can justify skipping a walk. If the weather just doesn’t allow for a stroll, then look for opportunities to exercise your dog indoors until the weather gets better.