There are many reasons to choose vegan treats for your canine companion, including personal beliefs, allergies, or simply a desire to feed your dog something other than even more animal protein. Dogs are omnivores, after all!

No matter why you choose a vegan option, you’ll find there are many accompanying benefits. This is especially true for PointPet’s targeted, specially formulated treats.


If your dog chews at her paws, or licks them excessively, it could well be an allergy. The most common allergies in dogs are caused by proteins that include dairy, beef, chicken, chicken eggs, soy, and wheat gluten. While the front legs, feet, face, ears, and abdomen are the most frequently affected areas, hot spots (itchy areas) can appear anywhere on the body. Excessive scratching can lead to wounds, scabbing, skin and ear infections, hair loss, and scaly skin.

Thankfully, PointPet’s vegan treats contain no well-known allergens, so your dog can enjoy them while improving his health. Vegan Anti-Itch support treats can help manage all the above.


Dogs can be picky about the foods they eat, yet have no reservations about gobbling up some fermenting trash found in the park. Depending on what the offending “food” is, it could wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system if he already has an unhealthy gut. Other dogs just seem born with sensitive systems and their stomachs are easily thrown off.

If either of these situations are true for your dog, feeding him Vegan Digestion Support can alleviate a lot of worries and reduce the number of sick stomach days you’ll both have to tolerate.


Older female dogs and dogs with diabetes are at higher risk of contracting a UTI. PointPet’s specially-formulated UTI Support gives your dog a better chance of escaping that affliction.

PointPet prides itself on helping you keep your dog healthy and happy. With all these choices, your dog is bound to find a vegan treat he’ll not only love, but that will optimize his wellness too!

PointPet offers three vegan varieties that address specific issues your dog may be dealing with:




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