If your cat isn’t using his litter box, it’s important to know what to do about it — and how to get rid of the pee odor!

Your cat has always been very good about using his litterbox, so why is he suddenly peeing on the rug or the side of your favorite sofa? There are many possible reasons for this and getting to the bottom of the problem is as important as cleaning up the odor.

Potential Medical Issues

Around 75% of these issues are attributable to idiopathic stress-induced cystitis — which basically means UTI inflammation without an identifiable cause. Outside of that, diabetes, kidney and liver issues, as well as crystal formation in the bladder, need to be ruled out by your veterinarian.

Stress Plays a Role

Has there been a recent change in your home, such as new people, a baby or other animals? Stress can cause behavioral issues that will have your cat communicating his disdain by urinating in spots other than the litterbox.

Ensure Easy Access

Is your cat getting older and having a hard time accessing the litterbox? If so, it might help to move the litterbox to a spot that’s easier for your feline to use.

Has the litterbox’s location become busier than it used to be? Cats appreciate their privacy and quiet when doing their business, and don’t like to be disturbed. It can also feel like an innate safety issue to them, as animals are naturally more vulnerable when they are eliminating.

Has your cat gained weight? If so, he may have outgrown the litterbox and needs more space. If you have a covered litterbox, try removing the lid.

Litterbox Aversion

Cats can be quite particular, and the litter itself can be an issue if he doesn’t like the smell or texture, or if the litterbox is too old and retains an odor.

Getting to the bottom of the issue is important. But in the meantime, getting rid of the odor of cat pee may be more of a challenge than you bargained for. It’s always good to have a sure-fire cleanup solution on hand.

SCOE 10X Gets Rid OF Pee Odor — Guaranteed!

SCOE 10X is different from other odor removers because it’s probiotic-based, which means it uses active, beneficial bacteria to seek out and eliminate the cause of odor at its root. It’s also completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe to use directly on animals or even your own skin. There are no harmful chemicals or passive-acting enzymes which render some products useless. Most importantly, it works on any odor you might encounter — even the notoriously stubborn smell of cat urine. While SCOE 10X comes with a money-back guarantee, the thousands of five-star reviews on Google indicate you won’t be returning the product anytime soon!


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