baywatch star

Pia Lamberg is a former Miss Finland Universe who now lives in Los Angeles and stars as the lead character of Heather in the new Baywatch reboot television series, SAF3. But when she is not showing off her moves on the beach and rescuing drowning guys, she spends her time cuddling up her new puppy or enjoying the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo, which was recently ranked one of the best in the world for animal care!

Animal Wellness sat down with Pia in Los Angeles to find out more about her love of animals in a fun Q&A…

AW: Tell us your thoughts on animals and pets.

PL: Animals are amazing creatures. I love documentaries about different animals. It’s just fascinating to watch them.  Your pets give you so much love, they are your best friends, always there for you… You can’t but just love them!

AW: Did you grow up with any pets in Finland?

PL: Oh yes! We had lot of pets and they were my best friends. When I was little we had cats, two dogs, hens and roosters, two ducks, sheep and two bunnies. I took care and played with them every day. I had my favorite rooster Henry who rode on my little basket on my bicycle.Other bigger roosters bullied him so I took care of him. He followed me everywhere!

AW: You recently toured the LA Zoo… See anything exciting?

PL: I fell in love with the meerkats! They are so adorable! I got to go into their home (cage) and feed them grapes. They were so cute!

AW: How did the zoo in LA compare to ones back in Finland?

PL: Most of the animals are different and the Finnish zoo is a lot smaller. They have so many different animals in the LA Zoo. In Finland we actually have just one bigger zoo and it doesn’t ever get that crowded as the LA one. I think I should go and check it out since it has been a long time since I’ve been to the zoo in Finland! Maybe this summer when I go to Finland.

AW: Tell us about your new puppy!

PL: I have 10 months old puppy Zeus. He is Weimaraner and loves to fetch. He is my first pet since I moved away from home, so for years I haven’t had any pets. I really missed it and just fell in love with Zeus when I saw him. It’s so great to have a pet again. He gives so much love and I love to do things with him.

AW: Being a pet owner now, how do you feel about people who abuse their pets?

PL: I don’t understand how anyone can abuse animals. It’s awful and those people should not take any pets in the first place. Your animals love you and all you need to do is to love them back. If you take a pet you have to take care of it.

AW: If you could come back in your next life as one animal, what would it be and why?

PL: I’d like to be some kind of bird and fly around. Fly over the seas to different countries. That would be fun!

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