C. diff dogs – fully trained and saving lives!

A second c. difficile detection dog has been trained to sniff out this nasty superbug at Vancouver General Hospital. Since the dogs began working, c. diff rates in the hospital have steadily declined.

Last year, Animal Wellness shared a  blog on Angus – an English springer spaniel trained to sniff out C. difficile at Vancouver General Hospital. At the time, Angus was the only certified C. difficile detection dog in Canada, but the hospital’s program has since expanded to include a second detection canine named Dodger (pictured above). Each contamination alert is acted upon immediately and used to educate healthcare workers, cleaning staff and patients.

Earlier this year, an award was granted to the program for its innovative approach to C. difficile detection — since being implemented in 2016, C. diff rates in the hospital have steadily declined. Angus is also traveling to help control this dangerous superbug at other health centers.


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