How Canine Biologics’ nutrition system supports dogs with cancer 

By taking an evidence-based approach to creating a nutrition system for dogs with cancer, this innovative company is helping take the fear out of a scary diagnosis.

A lifelong dog lover, Jeff Sutherland first became involved in canine nutrition when his own pup of 14 years, Shadow, suffered severe digestive system problems at age 5. The main culprit? Commercial pet food. Jeff researched and developed a diet that got to the root of Shadow’s health challenges and permanently relieved her symptoms. Motivated by the positive results, Jeff began conferring with veterinarians to develop his findings further. They reached the conclusion that an integrated and evidence-based approach to nutrition is the key to supporting dogs with critical care diagnoses, including the most feared diagnosis of all – cancer.

Along with a team of veterinary oncology, nutrition, biochemistry and endocrinology specialists, Jeff oversaw the development of the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System — the only nutrition system designed to support dogs fighting cancer. This unique three-part approach to nutrition (see sidebar) combines, food, salmon oil and supplements, all based on over 60 scientific peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials. It’s designed to positively impact dogs’ digestive, immune and other physiologic systems, which increases nutrient absorption and helps maintain weight and muscle mass – ultimately leading to a better quality of life.

“Our human-grade ingredients are carefully integrated to achieve an optimal outcome and the exact proportions of each are customized via our proprietary algorithms for your dog,” says Jeff. “To reduce oxidation and maintain peak potency of all three Integrated Nutrition System components, they are separately packaged and home delivered where they’re combined at the time of feeding.” The systems components are packaged in state-of-the-art, personalized portions which ensure delivery to homes at peak ingredient potency and easy preparation by the pet parent.

Because of the careful formulation and balance of the diet and its ability to support canine health, this unique system is ideal for dogs fighting cancer, as well as other canines in need of additional nutritional support. An online Nutrition Plan Builder lets pet parents input their pup’s information so that an individual diet can be created for them, and then a 30-day supply – shipped once or on a subscription-basis – is delivered directly to their door. “You can cancel your subscription plan at any time, for any reason, and receive a full refund for any unopened food, oil or supplements returned to Canine Biologics,” says Jeff.

Dogs with cancer can still run, play and love – but the more natural support we can offer them, the better. Ready to get started? Visit to customize your dog’s nutrition plan, or ask your veterinarian about the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System by sending them this link: