Fun things to do with your dog this fall

Here’s a list of creative ways to enjoy the fall season – and spend some quality time with your dog!

All over the northern hemisphere, leaves are falling and dogs are breathing a collective sigh of relief as cooler weather heralds the arrival of autumn. Fall and early winter are ideal for outdoor adventures – and some cozying up indoors when things get really chilly! Here are ten fun things to try with your dog this fall.

1. Breathe deep and enjoy nature

Find a park or a tree-lined street, take a walk, and enjoy the spicy scents of autumn. Your dog’s nose will go wild, and she’ll appreciate the opportunity to take in different aromas.

2. Pile up some leaves and jump in!

Your dog will join you with enthusiasm, particularly if you bury treats or a favorite toy in the leaf pile. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for pictures!

3. Update her wardrobe

A snazzy new collar in colors that remind you of autumn? A Halloween costume that’s safe and comfortable for your pup as well as adorable is worth putting on each time you have guests over (even after October 31st)? A cozy sweater for a pup without much hair? The options are endless, and deals are out there. Once your pup is dressed in her new finery, take her for a walk so she can show it off!

4. Hit the pumpkin patch

Your local farmer probably has fall produce to share, and pumpkins make the ideal addition to your home’s décor, whether you’re hoping to spruce up your front porch or create a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Oh – they’re perfect for making all-natural dog treats, too! Bring your pet along for the adventure, but only after you’ve checked to ensure that leashed dogs are welcome at your local pumpkin patch.

5. Pick up the pace

Fall is the perfect time to improve your fitness and help your dog do the same. Whether you’ve thought about running or if speed walking is more your style, you and your pet will find that cooler weather helps you stay comfy as you work up a sweat. Gradually increase speed and distance for your safety and hers!

6. Think high-visibility

Darkness increases this time of year, so think about adding something reflective to your apparel as well as your pet’s leash, collar, or jacket. Flashlights can be helpful, as can light-up tags with bright, blinking LEDs.

7. Check out an apple orchard

Some orchards are open for DIY apple picking, and many allow their guests to bring leashed pets along for the fun. Bring bags to make clean-up quick and easy, and to keep dogs in good standing with the orchard’s owners. You’ll come home with fresh apples straight from the tree (there’s nothing quite so good!) and if you’re in the mood, you can incorporate some into treats for yourself and your dog. Dogs can have a little bit of fresh apple, so feel free to share a slice or two!

8. Go camping

Take your love of the great outdoors to the next level! Most campgrounds allow dogs, and your dog will truly enjoy the opportunity to be at your side 24/7 while you take in the sights, sounds, and scents of nature.

9. Hit the beach

Have a beach nearby? If it’s dog-friendly, now is the time to go for long walks and have fun in the sand. With the tourist season at an end, you’re likely to have more space to yourself.

10. Check out a fall festival

Oktoberfests and other festivals often welcome friendly, leashed pets along with their human companions. Dress your dog in their finest, get some yummy food to share, and let the fun (and photos) begin! Of course, don’t forget to wear your mask… it’s still 2020, after all.