Canine mudroom

Autumn often brings rainy weather – and that means mucky paws and wet coats. If you could build the perfect mudroom for your canine – what would it look like? Take a peek at these “dream mudrooms”!

Canine bath time made easy

Bath time made easy

Walk-in showers, with hand-held nozzles positioned within easy reach, and fully tiled walls, make cleanup a breeze.

Cozy and safe

cozy and safe canine mudrooms

With a built-in bed that simulates a dog den, the days of the family dog claiming a spot under the kitchen table when the weather turns chilly may be waning!

 Great space!

West coast builder Standard Pacific Homes say that more clients are asking for mudrooms that are practical and beautiful. Good light, water-friendly flooring and lots of built-in storage make a bright, happy space for everyone.

canine mudroom

 A place for everything

Organization is the key to a tidy, functional mudroom, and these stainless steel food and treat canisters look decorative too.

Family friendly

Why not design a mudroom that serves the whole family? Use the space you have and create a space that combines function with fashion for your and your pets!