Lets Talk About Cats podcast

Tune into season 2 of “Let’s Talk About Cats” — the podcast feline lovers everywhere are talking about!  

As the days get shorter and the news gets grimmer, couldn’t we all use a little break to just… talk about cats? Well, you’re in luck! Season 2 of the much-admired “Let’s Talk About Cats” podcast debuted this fall, and kitty lovers everywhere are loving it! Hosted by Mary Phillips-Sandy and produced by Lizzie Jacobs, this fun educational show covers everything from kitty lifestyle issues to the enormous power of the human-feline bond.

“I’ve been a cat person my entire life,” says Mary. “As an adult, I realized that talking about cats, and our relationships with them, is a unique way to understand the human experience. I also wanted a place where I could make cat puns and reel off arcane cat-related facts, and no one could stop me!”

Guests this season include investigative journalist Evan Ratliff, Broadway actress Alexandra Silber, cultural commentator Jay Smooth, writer/actress Mara Wilson, poet/textile artist Eboni Hogan, musician Chris Barron, and more. Tune in wherever podcasts are available!


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