10 signs you're a crazy cat lady

There’s no shame in being a crazy cat lady! Here’s a few signs you might fit the bill.

Everyone seems to have that one friend who really, really loves cats. If no one immediately comes to mind, take a moment to consider whether you may actually be the “crazy cat lady” in your circle. If more than a few of the following points accurately describe you, it might be time to admit your inflated fascination with felines.

1. You talk to your cats

If you constantly talk to your cats, you just might be a crazy cat lady — especially if you talk to your cats like they’re people. And if you enjoy your conversations with them more than those you have with most humans, you are almost definitely a crazy cat lady. On the other hand, how could you not love talking to your cats? Especially if they talk back!

2. You always stop to pet other cats

Another sign you may be a crazy cat lady? When you’re out and about, you always stop to pet any cats you see. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hurry or have to go out of your way to do it. You simply must pet that cat. Even if you arrive late or have to change your plans, it’s all worth it to make a new feline friend.

3. You buy your cats presents

Whether it’s the holiday season or a birthday celebration, you buy your cat a gift for every occasion. After all, he’s a member of your family and deserves to be included in all of the festivities. Further, you also buy presents for your friends’ cats on holidays (or wish them a happy birthday or Merry Christmas at the very least).

4. You can only date fellow cat lovers

If you won’t date or befriend someone who doesn’t love cats, you just might be a crazy cat lady. Dog people might as well walk the other way, because not loving cats as much as you do is simply a deal breaker. Cats are too important to you and your life to spend much time with people who don’t feel the same way.

5. Your cats eat better than you do

Many crazy cat ladies choose to feed their cats like royalty — even if that means they can’t afford to eat as well themselves. If taking care of your cat is your main concern, you may not even care that you’re chowing down on instant ramen while your cat eats fresh fish.

6. Your cats are insured

Your cats deserve nothing but the best, and as their caretaker, you want to ensure they lead happy, healthy lives — which means one thing: pet insurance. Among the huge variety of pet wellness plans available, you’ve picked out the purrfect plan that’s exactly tailored to your cats’ needs and that will cover any accidents or future health issues that may develop.

7. You won’t move when cats sit on you

Whether you’re relaxing on the couch for a moment or laying down to sleep at night, if a cat comes to sit on you, you refuse to move for fear of disturbing him. Even if you have to go to the bathroom, are dying for a snack, or need to leave for an appointment – you can’t bring yourself to move get up and risk troubling the cat.

8. You wear cat-related clothing

You just might be a crazy cat lady if all or most of the clothing in your closet is related to cats in some way. Headbands with cat ears on them, cat-shaped earrings, t-shirts with cats on them — you love cats and want to express that with your wardrobe for the whole world to see! Don’t own any cat-related clothing? If every garment you own is covered in cat hair, there’s still a good chance your love of cats borders on crazy.

9. Your home is cat-friendly

Not only is your home cat-friendly, it’s better suited toward cats living there than humans. Keeping your cats happy indoors is a priority for you, and you aren’t afraid to make adjustments to your house to accommodate them. In addition to an assortment of toys and several scratching posts, you’ve also set up a “catio” in your yard and created vertical spaces around your home since cats love them so much.

10. You love cats

There’s no other way to put it. If you really, really love cats, you’re probably at least a bit of a crazy cat lady. But that isn’t a bad thing! All it means is that you’re an animal lover with a particular affinity for your feline friends. Be proud of yourself and enjoy the company of cats as much as you like.