CBD Dog Health infuses essential oils with CBD to create a powerful product line
Angela Ardolina and Hernando Umana, founders of CBD Dog Health.

The founders of CBD Dog Health have combined the therapeutic power of CBD and essential oils to maximize their benefits – and the result is helping to heal pets nationwide.

What do you get when you combine CBD, essential oils and two experts with years’ worth of knowledge? A one-of-a-kind product! Holistic pet expert Angela Ardolina first discovered the benefits of full spectrum CBD when she used it to successfully treat her rheumatoid arthritis and anxiety. When she learned that animals can benefit from the medicine as well, she began to use it on her rescue farm starting with her beloved miniature Schnauzer, Odie, who also suffered from joint pain. After witnessing the powerful effect that CBD had on her four-legged family members, Angela was completely sold. She went on to earn a University certificate in the therapeutic uses of cannabis, and vowed to dedicate her life to educating the public about CBD.

But her story doesn’t end there. Angela partnered with her former student, Broadway actor and CBD expert Hernando Umana, to create what would become one of the most unique CBD products for pets on the market. After two years of researching, sourcing all-natural ingredients and developing formulas specifically for pets, CBD Dog Health was launched in the summer of 2018. “Dogs deserve the same access to this natural medicine as humans,” says Angela. “We set out to create a product that otherwise did not exist: full spectrum hemp CBD grown in the U.S. that combined the healing power of essential oils.”

Angela and Hernando work with farmers who grow pesticide- and herbicide-free hemp. Their goal from the beginning has been to create a product that’s good enough to use on their own pets – and they’ve landed far beyond that goal. Today, they not only offer a full line of products that’s helping pets nationwide, but spend a great deal of time spreading awareness and education of CBD’s benefits. “So many pets are put on dangerous prescriptions with irreversible side effects when they don’t have to be,” says Hernando. “CBD Dog Health hopes to change that by empowering pet parents with information so that they can decide what is right for their pets.”

Each CBD Dog Health product is clearly labeled as to what it treats. Tinctures for dogs, cats, and horses include CALM with lavender oil for anxiety, stress, and panic; EASE with turmeric and frankincense to soothe achy joints, aches and pains, and allergies; and HEAL for seizures, tumors, and cancer. “We also have a variety of salves for dry skin, bug bites, allergies, cysts, warts, and tumors,” says Angela. “Our treats include freeze-dried salmon and chicken treats that combine all of the benefits of freeze-dried protein with full spectrum hemp extract.” Every product includes a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab.

Angela and Hernando believe in treating the whole dog, not just the symptoms of a problem. As their company grows, they plan to continue spreading that message – and touting the benefits of CBD – to as many veterinarians and pet parents as they can. “It is my life’s purpose to help as many animals as possible and every day that I get to share this amazing medicine is a day that I feel I have done my job,” says Angelina. Hernando agrees wholeheartedly. “Like Angela, I feel passionately that every pet should have access to this life-changing plant,” he says. “I love being able to empower pet parents everywhere.”

Tune into Angela and Hernando’s pet-centric podcast, It’s a Dog’s Life, on Cannabis Radio to learn more about CBD Dog Health and the many benefits cannabis can offer your fur babe.