8 best pet movies of 2019 

Need some new pet movies to add to your “must-watch” list? These 2019 releases won’t disappoint!

Animal lovers will delight in the wide selection of pet movies released in 2019. From live-action dramas to hilarious animated films and everything in between, each and every film on the following list is a must-see!

A Dog’s Way Home

Not entirely unlike the beloved classic, Homeward Bound, this inspiring movie features the journey of a dog separated from her owner. She sets off on a cross-country trip to get back to her home, meeting several friends along the way. A Dog’s Way Home is a feel-good tale that all dog lovers are sure to appreciate.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

This movie is the follow-up to the 2016 summer blockbuster The Secret Life of Pets. Just as you’d expect, it revolves around the everyday lives of pets, giving viewers an amusing glimpse of what happens to them when their humans aren’t home to supervise. With more adventures and laugh-out-loud moments, this comedic sequel saw massive box office success and left fans feeling more than satisfied.

The Queen’s Corgi

This is a charming story that draws on the British monarch’s love for her dogs. The Queen’s Corgi follows Queen Elizabeth’s favorite canine, a Corgi named Rex, as he tries to find his way back to the palace after becoming lost. Viewers root for the sweet pup as he encounters clans of stray dogs along the way, and learns more about himself – and his royal privilege – than he ever could have imagined.

A Dog’s Journey

A few years ago, the highly acclaimed film, A Dog’s Purpose, tugged on the heartstrings of audiences across the world. In 2019 the story continues with the much anticipated sequel, A Dog’s Journey. Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s bestselling novel, this film is presented from the perspective of a lovable dog named Bailey (played by Odin, the cover star of Animal Wellness Magazine, V21I3). Drawing on themes of loyalty and the transcendent power of the human-canine bond, this movie will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time!

The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary about a couple’s agricultural dream. It zeroes in on the lives of two Los Angeles-based dreamers and their dog, and their struggle to keep their sustainable farm afloat. Directed by Emmy Award Winning director John Chester, this one-of-a-kind film is an inspiring and entertaining watch.

Spy Cat

A beautiful and interesting animated movie, Spy Cat is the perfect pick for your next family film night! It features the story of a house cat named Marine who, akin to the beloved character Garfield, is very pampered and addicted to TV cop shows. Desperate to have her own spy adventures, Marine takes it upon herself – with the help of her sidekick, a nervous guard dog – to investigate a gang of burglars that come to town. Exciting for kids and equally entertaining for adults, this action-infused story is worth checking out!

The Art of Racing in the Rain  

This movie is based on a bestselling novel by Garth Stein. The story, featuring Milo Ventimiglia (This is Us) and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!), is a heartwarming tale narrated by Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner), a philosophical and witty dog. With his unique and brilliant insight into human nature, Enzo helps his owner, race car driver Denny Swift, gain a new perspective on family, friendship and unconditional love.

Lady and the Tramp

The live-action Lady and the Tramp, adapted from Walt Disney’s 1955 version, will be hitting theaters on November 12, 2019. Directed by Charlie Bean, this film, like the original, tells the story of an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady who meets a stray Schnauzer named Tramp. The escapades that follow are romantic and comical, and make for some iconic scenes that are aptly re-imagined in this new adaptation.

Like the sound of these pet movies? Snuggle up with your friends, family and fur babes for an animal-themed movie marathon! And be sure to let us know what you think!