Top tips for eliminating pet odors in your home 

Pet odors got you down? Keep your house smelling fresh and clean with these helpful tips!

As the seasons shift and Mother Nature sends a variety of weather conditions our way, it becomes tougher and tougher to keep pet odors at bay. While our beloved furry friends continue to fill our homes with unconditional love, the daily aromas of wet dog and muddy paws also come part and parcel. Not to worry, it is possible to prevent your home from smelling like a swamp with a few safe and simple tricks and tips.

Bathe your pets

Obvious, right? Regular baths will certainly help remove stinky remnants from your pet’s fur which acts just like Velcro enabling a host of outdoor delights to find their way indoors. But how often should we bathe our pets? Frequency of baths relates to your pet’s breed, lifestyle and skin conditions. Most pets do not need to be bathed more than once a month, or you risk dry skin or coat conditions.

A monthly bath combined with daily wipe downs with a warm, moist towel after messy outdoor adventures can help reduce odors and mess. Keeping a strategically placed absorbent mat by your door or in your mud room where you can towel your pet off before they scoot by is key.

Wash that gear

While keeping your pet clean is the first step to reducing odors, washing their gear is also important! Dog beds with removable, machine washable covers are ideal for odor elimination and can be washed weekly. Many pet beds feature anti-microbial fabric finishes which help to ward off the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. Other items to remember are towels and pet apparel such as vests and coats that are used regularly. Lastly, don’t forget the leashes, collars, harnesses and fabric toys – stinky culprits often forgotten about. You’d be surprised how badly these items can smell when left unwashed.

Pillows and blankets

Despite the odor risks, many of us allow our beloved pets on our furniture. While it makes for some great snuggling, couch covers, pillows and blankets will need regular washings. One solution is to train pets to stay on special blankets when on the couch or bed, as these can be easily thrown into the weekly laundry mix. Couch pillow coverings are more laborious to clean, but can be spritzed with a DIY essential oil fabric spray to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Vacuum and steam clean carpets

Carpets are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to keeping pet odors at bay as they hold a surprising amount of dust and dander. Reduce the smells by vacuuming regularly – once daily if you really want your home to stay fresh. Then, follow up with regular steam cleaning – especially important during wet, muddy seasons – to remove dirt and odors deeply embedded into your carpet fibers. If using a professional cleaning service, be sure to inquire about the cleaning ingredients to make sure all are pet-friendly. Choosing carpets with shorter fibers can also help reduce the amount of dander, dirt and grime that infiltrates.

Try essential oils

While it may be tempting to grab a run of the mill plug-in air freshener, don’t settle. After all the work you put into keeping your pet and home fresh, the last thing you want is to overload your environment with chemicals. Instead, invest in some high-quality essential oils and a diffuser. Diffusing essential oils helps neutralize stubborn pet odors naturally, so you and your pets can breathe easy!