Dogs age much faster than humans. But, at what age is a dog considered a senior…or a geriatric?

Well, there is no real simple answer. The age of a dog has much to do with the size of the breed, genetics, nutrition and environmental factors. For example a large breed dog at 10 years old, weighing between 51-90 lbs, is the equivalent of a human in their mid sixties. Compare this to a small breed dog, weighing less than 20 lbs, who would not reach his mid sixties until he’s about 13 years old.

Here is a great chart to help you better understand how old your dog may be based on his or her size.A dog's age in human years may differs based on his size.

For more great information about how your canine friend in aging and how to keep him healthy, check out this article on the Aging Process.


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