Electromagnetic therapy for joint and muscle problems

Electromagnetic therapy can have positive results in relieving joint and muscle pain in dogs by improving blood flow to injured areas.

No one likes to see a dog in pain, including Robert Kunze and his wife, whose 14-year-old Chow was limping and having so much trouble standing up that he needed a sling to lift his hindquarters. “One morning, when we attempted to help Tanner get up with the sling, he growled,” says Robert.

The couple didn’t want to resort to drugs to ease Tanner’s pain, so decided to try the EM Therapy Pad, a product Robert and his business partner had developed through their company, EM Solution, LLC. Designed for humans, the pad uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to relieve pain and treat degenerative and inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and other joint problems. “My wife had been using the pad to relieve occasional neck and leg pain, and figured if it worked for her it should work for Tanner. “After one day of two 40-minute sessions with the pad, Tanner was able to get up with little assistance,” Robert continues. “

After five days of 40-minute sessions, he was no longer limping and on the seventh day we found him asleep on the couch, which he hadn’t climbed on in over eight months.” The couple wondered if it was really the pad and stopped the sessions for a week. Tanner’s limp returned. “One 45- minute session that evening, and the limp was gone.”

A week later, Robert and his wife told another animal lover about Tanner’s recovery and she urged them to get the message out. “Our research showed similar pads sold from $300 to $8,000. We decided to eliminate all the ‘bells and whistles’ and design one everyone could afford.” The Pet’em Pad was born.

Robert explains how the product works. “Studies show that pulsed electromagnetic fields can be an effective therapy for the relief of pain by relaxing the cell and relieving pain sensations. Applying electromagnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation. The Soft Wave technology stimulates the cell to start healing and regenerating.”

Robert adds that because a dog or cat’s circulatory system is shorter than a human’s, the healing process is quicker. “Instead of manufacturing two different therapy pads, we used the same design for both animals and humans. This cut our costs and made the pad more affordable.”

The pad can help with a variety of issues in dogs and cats, including arthritis and hip dysplasia. It also relaxes and soothes sore muscles and treats tendons and ligaments.

Thanks to the Pet’em Pad, Tanner is back to his usual active and happy self. “He has his weekly maintenance treatments, and has figured out just how long he needs to be on or under the pad,” says Robert. “And by the way, he’ll be 15 this May!”