Emerald – another shelter success story
Photo courtesy of Valerie Bruder.

This abandoned puppy was found tied to a pole by her snout, but she’s not letting her scars dictate her future.

In late February, 9-month-old Emerald was found tied to a fence in Philadelphia. Unlike most abandoned dogs, this sweet pit bull mix hadn’t been tethered by her neck. A wire had been tied tightly around her snout, carving a deep, infected wound into her face.

Emerald was taken to a high kill shelter where she was placed on the euthanasia list. Luckily, a board director at Outcast Rescue found “Emmie”, as they call her, before it was too late. Emmie was rushed to Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon for emergency medical treatment. She was immediately put on antibiotics to bring down the infection and swelling, and was scheduled for surgery the following day.

It took four surgeries to mend Emerald’s wounded face.

Emmie’s initial surgery went well, but it took four more to mend her wounded face. According to Outcast Director Beth Hucke, the wire had cut right down to the bone, even shearing a back molar that had to be removed. A 4-inch laceration on the back of her head – another injury from the wire – also required veterinary care. “She’s a forgiving soul,” says Hucke. “I would never trust another human again if I were her, but she loves everybody. It’s amazing.”

The Pennsylvania SPCA was contacted to conduct a cruelty investigation into Emerald’s case, and a reward of $500 was anonymously offered to anyone who could identify the person responsible for such horrific abuse. At the time of this writing, no perpetrator has been found. But Emmie’s story didn’t go unheard. A funding page was set up in her name, and within just a few months, almost all of her medical expenses were paid for by generous donors.

Today, Emmie is fully recovered. She’s as loving and happy as they come, and her adoption is currently pending with her foster family, where she’s been living with two other fur sisters and a fur brother. “She is a fun dog with a lot of energy,” says Hucke. “She loves to go for walks and play with other dogs. She has these eyes that just melt your heart when you look at her. Her scars tell a story of where she has been but they will not dictate where she is going.”