Flower essences to ease your dog's grief

Animals experience grief just as we do. These flower essences can gently and safely ease the pain and lift their spirits — and yours.

Katie was a puppy mill dog who spent the first four months of her life in a cage. She was adopted into a home with another Yorkshire terrier named Abbey. Katie was very timid and dependent on Abbey, who was confident and outgoing. When Abbey died suddenly, Katie stopped playing, became afraid of all animals and people, and would suddenly bolt in terror out of sleep whenever her person turned over in bed. Heavy grief was visible in her eyes.

We know how heart-wrenching it is to lose an animal companion. Whether sudden or expected, the loss is always followed by a period of grief. The same thing is true for animals. When they lose a family member they care about – person or other animal friend – they too may grieve deeply. Signs that your animal is grieving may include moping, disinterest in playing or going for walks, whining or yowling (in cats) and loss of appetite.

Gentle consolation

Though grief is a normal and natural response to loss, prolonged or intense grief can be debilitating and adversely affect your animal’s health. This is where flower essences can make an enormous difference. They can quickly restore your companion to normal functioning and reawaken his interest in life and living. If your animal is suffering from acute grief, the flower essences on page 24 can help.

You can try any one of these essences or combine several into one formula, since they all address the same theme of grief and loss. If you are also grieving, the essences will help you as well.

Administering essences

When giving essences to an animal, I recommend putting a couple of drops on your finger and stroking him with it (ears or paw pads are good places). By placing the essences on your finger, you’ll benefit from them too, plus your animal won’t be stressed by having to take something orally.

For best results, give the essence formula at least twice a day (three to four times a day is even better) and/or place several drops in your animal’s drinking water. There is no possibility of overdosing, and there are no side effects.

Additional considerations

If your companion was emotionally healthy and confident prior to the loss, these essences will likely help him recover normal functioning within a few days. If the symptoms persist longer than that, do not assume the essences don’t work. Each flower essence has a very specific energetic pattern, and it could be that the ones you used don’t match your animal’s energetic imbalance. Seeking out the services of an experienced flower essence practitioner who has a wide range of essence options and is able to “tune in” to your animal could solve the problem. Also, if your companion is off his food for more than a couple of days, consult your veterinarian, as he could be physically ill.

If your animal is a rescue, like Katie, chances are he has a history of abuse, neglect or other losses. While some animals are constitutionally resilient and show no ill effects once in a loving home, many others are deeply scarred by their past experiences. They may be fearful, defensive, lack confidence, or have other emotional deficits. In these cases, another loss can be devastating and even life-threatening. These cases are more complicated and best handled by an experienced practitioner who can accurately assess and address the various issues with a variety of flower essences.

Katie’s was a complex case requiring several rounds of essences to address many issues – traumatic loss, lack of confidence, lack of courage, hypersensitivity, fear and nervous system depletion from not having slept well for a year. It took a few months, but with each round of essence formulas, Katie’s person was ecstatic at the changes in her little dog. Katie began to sleep deeply, play, wag her tail (which she had never done before), enjoy walks outside (again, a first for Katie), enjoy meeting new people and even other dogs, and generally explore new opportunities. She not only recovered from the grief, but became braver and more outgoing than she had ever been before.

The right flower essences given at the right time can shorten both the length and intensity of the grieving process. You can safely try these essences to help you and your companion feel better after any loss.

Flower Essence For Grief

flower essencesTall White Lettuce

Brings strength to bear grief and helps turn attention to hope and joy for the future.



flower essencesWarratah

If your animal is endlessly pacing or otherwise restless, he may need Warratah. It addresses a level of despair in which one cannot accept the loss.


flower essences

Good for all stages of grief, helps expedite movement through the various stages of grief. (Not to be mistaken for actual onions, which are toxic to dogs. Onion flower essence is made from the plant’s flower, not the bulb).


flower essencesHoneysuckle

For melancholy and/or focusing on the past.



flower essencesRiver Beauty

Can help when the loss has been sudden and traumatic.



flower essencesMontana Rhodochrosite

This is a gem elixir, not a flower essence It’s for those who are broken-hearted after a loss, but unable to fully process those feelings, remaining stuck in the grief.