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A guard dog is many things. He is protective, friendly and obedient, but most of all he is loyal to his companion.

Check out this list of top ten guard dogs:


The Akita is dignified, fearless and very loyal to his human companion. He likes to dominate other dogs, and is reserved with people he doesn’t know. An alert, quiet dog who only barks occasionally, he makes a good family companion, but he’s also active, powerful and athletic and needs lots of outdoor exercise.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier can make a stable, loyal and loving friend when socialized at an early age, and trained by someone knowledgeable. He responds quickly and eagerly to instruction. He needs multiple daily walks to keep him fit and stimulated, and walks that bring a “Staffie” in contact with other dogs and people contribute to his socialization.

Australian Cattle Dog

Courageous, intelligent, and alert, the Australian Cattle Dog’s innate loyalty makes him a natural watchdog and guardian. Not surprisingly, his devotion to duty can make him wary of strangers. Training and exercise are crucial, and fortunately, this breed is eager to learn and please!


The Bullmastiff is still used as a guard dog and family pet. His highly stable temperament and ability to tolerate discomfort make him surprisingly safe around children. Loyal and protective, he bonds closely to his family. Because he is such a large dog, training at a young age is essential, as is good socialization.

Chinese Shar-Pei

guardian shar peiWith his cute and cuddly appearance, the Shar Pei easily works his way into people’s hearts. But his guard dog background makes him cautious, so he requires good socialization at an early age. Calm and steady in nature, he is an independent fellow who loves his people, but is aloof with strangers. Positive training and active socialization make him a happy and enjoyable family member.


Today’s Doberman Pinscher is a far more tractable dog than Herr Dobermann’s original breed. He is intelligent and loyal, and dedicated to his person. Bred to be a working dog, the Doberman does best when he has a purpose, and excels at obedience and police work. He remains a protective individual who serves his owner with a dedication few other breeds can match.

Great Dane

Big, bold and a bit goofy, the Great Dane is a loving dog who adores his people. He is a leaner, preferring to be right up against his owner, and if he had his way he’d be a lap dog too. He enjoys going for long and often brisk walks, and without training can be difficult to hold onto once he gets going. Given his great size and independent thinking, it is important to start training early, keeping sessions short and sweet.

Great Pyrenees

Bred to be a herd guardian, it’s no surprise the Great Pyrenees is a protective dog dedicated to his family. He is kind and gentle with his flock, human or otherwise, but cautious with strangers. It is important to socialize Great Pyrenees at a young age. He has a tendency to want to patrol his territory, as he would livestock, so a well-fenced yard or leash walks are essential. Overall he is a serious conscientious family member who will protect his family with his life.

Rottweilergreat dane guardian

A well-bred Rottweiler is a calm, confident and courageous dog. He trusts his owner implicitly, and is highly dedicated to his family. Naturally cautious of strangers, the Rottweiler remains on guard until shown there is no danger to his family. When not on the alert, he is a mellow dog who is loving and playful and makes a superb companion. Good training and socialization make the Rottweiler a pleasure to have around. His intelligence and trainability make him a fun friend who excels in obedience, agility, cart pulling and many more active jobs.

St. Bernard

Big, friendly and patient with children, the St. Bernard is truly a people dog. Though he can be aloof with strangers, particularly if not socialized, he generally loves everyone equally. As with all big dogs, early training is important when he is young as he grows quickly.