Homeocan – understanding the benefits and convenience of homeopathy

Interested in using homeopathic medicine to heal your cat or dog? Here’s how one company is making it easy for pet parents.

Homeopathy has become a hot topic among pet parents. This modality has been around since the 18th century, and draws on the belief that “like cures like”. For those looking for a homeopathic approach, it can be difficult to find products and information outside of your appointments with a holistic vet.

But don’t fret. We spoke with Michèle Boisvert, founder and acting president of Homeocan – a company that formulates products based on homeopathy to heal dogs and cats. While classical homeopathy treatment programs are customized for every individual patient and modified as needed, Homeocan blends proven homeopathic remedies into condition-specific formulas. The convenient and cost-effective products address a number of different issues.

Here, Michèle sheds some light on how homeopathy works, and how pet parents can harness its power in the comfort of their own homes.

AW: Thanks for chatting with us, Michèle. Why don’t you start by telling us some benefits of using homeopathy for dogs and cats?

MB: Homeopathy is natural, non-toxic and works with the body’s natural abilities to heal itself rather than by just suppressing the symptoms. The homeopathic approach utilizes several hundred substances that have been shown to have positive effects on the human and animal body. These substances can be of mineral, herbal or animal origin.

AW: How does Homeocan harness the power of homeopathy to heal animals?

MB: To enhance the usefulness of homeopathy while minimizing harmful effects, homeopathic medicines are specially prepared in our cutting-edge laboratory in Montréal. They are carefully diluted and mixed to a level where stimulation is still possible but toxic effects are eliminated. This is somewhat like the method of desensitization against allergens or the use of vaccines.

AW: What are some common health issues that can be addressed using a natural approach?

MB: Homeopathy can be used for illnesses like arthritis, skin problems or travel sickness, as well as acute illnesses and injuries like muscle strain, ear infections and digestive issues. It can also be used to help resolve emotional issues. 

AW: Which of these health issues can your products help with?

MB: The Homeovet pet line is designed to address all the common problems encountered by pet owners and their furry friends:  Digestive health problems, flexibility (arthritis, arthrosis) issues, gastrointestinal issues, fur and skin problems, ear problems, urinary track problems, injuries, travel sickness, nervous system/emotional issues and weight problems.

AW: Tell us a bit more about Homeocan. What are the company’s missions and goals?

MB: Since our inception, Homeocan Laboratories’ mission has been to provide pet parents with access to high quality homeopathic and natural products. Present in pharmacies and natural health food stores, Homeocan Laboratories provide opportunities for families to heal naturally from a company they can trust.

AW: What types of products do you offer?

MB: Homeocan alternative solutions include essential oils, trace elements, natural supplements, plant extracts, homeopathic solutions and hygiene and beauty care products. We manufacture and distribute natural solutions that answer to the needs of women, men, babies, kids, seniors – and of course pets!

AW: Which of Homeocan’s products can be used to combat the health issues mentioned above?

MB: DigestVet, FlexoVet, GastroVet, LustreVet, EarVet, Healthy weight, RescueVet, Urinary track, Skinvet, SOS gel, TransportVet, TraumaVet and ZenVet.

AW: Tell us a bit more about these products. What are the active ingredients in each?

MB: They are all complex formulations of homeopathic ingredients that address the different aspects of one issue. They contain common homeopathic ingredients such as Rhus toxicodendron (good for lameness or stiffness that improves with motion and warmth), Echinacea Angustifolia (for infections), Arnica Montana (for trauma) and Calendula Officinalis (for painful wounds).

AW: Where can our readers find these products?

MB: Homeovet products can be found in pet stores, pharmacies and natural health food stores. Also online, on our e-shop www.homeocan.ca where you’ll find articles, tips and some special offers.

AW: Any final advice for our readers who’ve never tried homeopathic remedies for their pets?

MB: Whether a condition is acute or chronic, HomeoVet remedies can provide assistance as a supportive treatment, but will not replace traditional veterinary medicine. It is important to verify ethiology, general symptoms and behavior of your pet, to give it the best treatment. If in doubt, do not hesitate to inform your veterinarian.

Michèle Boisvert, founder and acting president of Homeocan, is originally from Montreal. She graduated in 1965 with a degree in pharmacy from the University of Montreal and she was one of the first Canadian women to open her own pharmacy in Quebec. She also holds a diploma in Homeopathy from the Mosane School, in Belgium and has won several awards, including the 2012 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards and the Pharmacist in Industry Award in 2005. Her nomination at the Canadian Health Food Association Memorial Hall of Fame in 2013 recognizes her outstanding contribution to the development and growth of the industry.