Shed Defender – the must-have garment for dogs

Does your dog shed? Is he ever stressed or anxious? Has he had to wear a cone? Thanks to Shed Defender, it’s possible to solve all these problems at once.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. They keep us active, offer constant companionship, and provide unconditional love. But owning a dog doesn’t come without challenges. Especially if you rescued your pup, he probably experiences bouts of anxiety every now and again. If his mental health is in check, maybe he’s encountered a physical health issue at one point or another. Hot spots, itchy skin and cuts and abrasions are common occurrences in our furry friends that typically require the use of a dreaded medical cone. And, even if all else is well, every dog sheds his fur a couple times each year, leaving mounds of dog hair on our furniture and clothing.

Most of us would agree – these “doggy downfalls” are well worth it. But if you had the opportunity to resolve all of them in one fell swoop, would you take it?

Shed Defender – a jack of all trades

Meet Shed Defender – a canine suit designed to help dogs and their owners co-exist safely and comfortably while promoting a clean and healthy lifestyle. It might seem impossible that one product could be the solution for shedding, anxiety and persistent skin problems. But as anyone who’s used the Shed Defender will attest, this unique product is as effective as it is easy-to-use. Crafted from premium, eco-friendly fabric, this “doggy leotard” is lightweight, breathable and stretchy. It unzips easily for potty breaks, and can be tossed into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. In short, it’s a simple answer to a number of complex problems – and your dog will love it!

Problem #1 – Shedding

Like most pet parents, Tyson Walters loves his Saint Bernard Harley and takes her everywhere he can. But a few years ago, his friends and family expressed their annoyance toward the tumbleweeds of hair that Harley left behind. Embarrassed and determined to fix the problem, Tyson tried a ton of products on the market – everything from car seat covers to de-shedding gloves – but nothing worked. So he took it upon himself to create something entirely new – a full body suit that would keep Harley’s hair contained.

Confident that the product would work, Tyson enlisted his mom to sew a prototype. After witnessing its monumental success, Tyson decided to transform his invention into a business. “The Shed Defender is an effective way to cut down on dog hair while in the car, house or anywhere else you don’t want to leave behind a trail of hair,” says Casey Walters, the company’s VP of Marketing. And, as the only shedding product that goes directly on your dog, you can feel as confident as Tyson does that your dog won’t be leaving trails of hair in his wake.

Problem #2 – Anxiety

Soon after the Shed Defender was launched, additional benefits became apparent. Due to its compression-like quality, the garment was transforming dogs with anxiety into calm, contended canines. “Similar to the effect a swaddle has on a baby, the Shed Defender makes dogs feel secure and confident and thus reduces anxiety,” explains Casey. “With a comfortable yet snug fit, the gentle pressure produces a calming effect for anxious dogs.”

Research into dog anxiety has revealed that pressure is an effective alternative to conventional anxiety-reducing medications. A series of studies published in March of 2018 by Veterinary Evidence reveals that snug garments may have beneficial effects on canine anxiety. The researchers also found that dogs who are accustomed to wearing their “pressure vest” may benefit even more. Conveniently, the Shed Defender is versatile enough to be worn all year round, regardless of the weather, so your companion can feel comfortable and stress-free at all times!

Problem #3 – wounds/skin issues

If your dog has ever suffered from hot spots and itchy skin, or undergone any sort of surgery, he’s probably had to wear the “cone of shame”. And chances are, he probably wasn’t happy about it. “The medical cone is cumbersome and isn’t always effective,” says Casey. “Additionally, dogs have trouble eating and drinking with the cone on and some dogs have trouble getting up stairs or moving around freely.” That’s where the Shed Defender comes in. By concealing your dog’s skin, it prevents your dog from irritating any sensitive areas. Plus, it doesn’t constrict the dog’s movement.

What other benefits does Shed Defender offer?

Believe it or not, the benefits of this miracle garment don’t stop there. The Shed Defender also:

  • Protects against UV rays
  • Keeps your pet warmer in cold weather
  • Prevents your dog’s fur from freezing into ice balls in the snow
  • Helps relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies by providing coverage from allergens
  • Protects against mud, ticks, stickers and burrs while outdoors

A one-step solution for multiple common issues in dogs – it seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? But as a pet parent, you know it’s worth a shot. You’d do anything to make your furry friend happier and healthier, and the Shed Defender will make your own life a whole lot easier to boot!