Neutricks memory function
Company co-founder David Merrick with his four-legged buddy, Lola. An interest in animal health and veterinary medicine runs in Dave’s family.

An interest in senior animals led to an innovative supplement that helps improve memory and cognition in companion animals.

As people age, they often experience some memory loss. What you may not know is that dogs and cats can also develop memory issues when they enter their senior years.

Older animals can experience memory problems due to the loss of proteins that support brain cells,” explains David Merrick, co-founder of Neutricks®, makers of supplements that provide cognitive support for aging dogs and cats. “These problems can affect learning and concentration, which can impact interactions and relationships between animals and their people.

“In dogs, the symptoms of memory problems – sometimes referred to as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) – include disorientation and confusion, getting stuck in corners, failure to recognize the owner, house soiling, aimless barking, new phobias or changes in sleep patterns,” David says. “The symptoms for cats include loud vocalizing at night, disorientation, lack of interest in playing and grooming, ‘missing’ the litter box, and long periods of blank staring.”

According to the company website, the proteins lost from the brain during aging are specifically referred to as calcium-binding proteins (CaBPs). They’re very important for maintaining calcium balance in brain cells. As the body produces fewer CaPBs, cognitive problems such as memory loss occur. Neutricks is formulated to replace these proteins with an active ingredient called apoaequorin, a protein found in a type of jellyfish (Aequoria victoria).
“It’s an evidence-based supplement with an approach to healthy brain aging for senior dogs and cats,” says Dave. “It supports healthy brain aging, mental agility and cognitive focus, and may reduce symptoms of CDS.” There are two products – one for dogs, which comes in a chewable tablet, and one for cats, which comes as a fish-flavored sprinkle. “We’ve also just launched a new soft chew formulation for senior dogs that may have difficulty chewing a tablet,” says David.

Studies have demonstrated that Neutricks is an effective supplement. “Documented scientific research shows it significantly improves learning and accuracy, and enhances the attention of senior dogs, as compared to a control group,” Dave says. “We also provide updated information on CDS and its symptoms in senior animals to veterinarians and their clients, in order to increase awareness.”

When it comes to senior dogs and cats, the company goes beyond selling product. “We are a founding member of the not-for-profit organization, International Veterinary Senior Care Society, and have supported the efforts of several other organizations like the Humane Society, Gray Muzzle and Capital K9s.”

David frequently gets feedback from veterinarians and animal guardians about Neutricks’ efficacy, and it’s no surprise when you learn that an interest in veterinary medicine runs in his family. “My father is a veterinarian, and my grandfather and his three brothers also practiced veterinary medicine. It never ceases to amaze me when someone calls and shares with me how the quality of their animal’s life has increased. I simply love it!”