Luke Barnett may be a funny guy, but for everyone who knows him, the real comedians and actors in his household are his feline children, Abraham and Elliott.

Barnett is not just a lover of the meow sound; the comedian, actor and screenwriter is a fan of dogs, hamsters, and bunnies, and is a huge advocate of pet adoption.

We checked in with Barnett in Hollywood, California to find out more about his love for animals and his hilarious views on the supposed Dogs v. Cats war that has been going on for centuries.

AW:  Tell us how you came to own your two small cats, Abraham and Elliott.

LB: Elliott (grey fur, blue eyes, Claire Underwood in the form of a cat) came to me as a kitten. My friend was moving and her new apartment didn’t allow cats. When my fiancé and I started dating, she convinced me Elliott needed a buddy. We went to the animal rescue and they had a litter of kittens. Abraham (a skinny Jack Black with an impressive mustache) was the shy one in the group. When we came back a few days later, all but Abraham had found a home. Turned out he wasn’t the least bit shy. He might actually be a dog. We aren’t sure.

AW: Besides your cats, what kind of animals do you love most?

LB: Growing up we had lots of animals. My mom and dad were both total suckers when it came to taking in new pets. Dogs, cats, hamsters, a tarantula, a bunny. We had it all. We will probably get a dog in the next few years.

AW: Why do you feel humans need pets? Or need to adopt/rescue a pet?

LB: Man’s best friend is a saying for a reason. It’s proven that people with pets live longer. It’s companionship. When it comes to adopting, there are SO many animals in need of a home (at least according to my Facebook feed) that it’s baffling to me when people don’t neuter their dogs or go out and buy one from a breeder.

AW: How do you feel about people who abuse cats and their pets in general?

LB: I’d like to see those people go up against Elliott. Those claws are no joke. Trust me. But honestly, I don’t know why those people have pets. They’re bullies. Taking out their anger and frustration on animals that trust and love them. It makes me sick to think about. Seriously… Elliott will take care of them.

AW: Does owning a couple cats help with your career and focus?

LB: Abraham is my writing partner. The ladies in our house (Emily and Elliott) usually go to bed pretty early. The men (Abraham and I) stay in the living room writing and watching weird documentaries on Netflix. Abraham actually wrote half my last script. He’s much better than me.

AW: How does a pet’s love for you compare to a human’s?

LB: They’re much easier to love. They don’t care if I eat Fruity Pebbles at midnight. They don’t nag me about leaving my laundry in the dryer. Though, they can be very chatty at 5am, which is where my fiancé has the edge.

AW: Do you think there is an ongoing war between cats vs. dogs?

LB: Well, I think it’s more a war between dog people and cat people. And our household doesn’t even understand that battle because we love both. Our cats lived with three dogs at one point and Abraham became part of the pack. Anytime someone would come to the door, three dogs and a cat with a mustache would all come flying through the house rushing to greet the person. I’m pretty certain Elliott was their leader, whether they knew it or not.


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