Meridian tapping techniques to heal your dog

Heal your dog with Meridian tapping.

People, dogs and all other living beings on the planet are animated by a flow of energy through their bodies. It allows their hearts to beat and is central to living and healing. Different cultures have different names for this life energy. The Japanese refer to it as Ki; in China, it’s called Chi; in ancient India it was called Prana; and in Hawaii, it’s referred to as Mana.

Energy pathways

Meridians are energy pathways in the body along which this Ki or life energy flows. They are the same energy pathways used in acupuncture. There are many major meridian pathways and they are all connected, so life force energy influences all activities within the body. In other words, by utilizing the meridians, we can impact internal organs as well as the emotions, mind and spirit.

When there’s an interruption in the flow of life energy resulting from a negative experience, repetitive habit, physical illness or negative emotional state, disturbances develop in the meridians. Think of this disruption as a rock that interferes with the flow of water in a stream. When the rock is removed, the stream can once more flow smoothly.

Any perturbation in the meridian pathways can impede good health, cause an animal to appear frightened, sick or unhappy, and even interfere with his ability to respond appropriately to traditional training methods. This is particularly true in the case of a traumatized animal that has been abused or neglected. When an animal experiences trauma, the brain will not process information correctly. This change in information processing is often described as being stuck or frozen in the past. Because the brain impacts the body, these energetic disruptions become embedded in particular meridians.

When an event reminds the animal of the original traumatizing event, he will re-experience the original reaction to the trauma (fear and anxiety). For example, a dog who was physically abused as a young dog or pup will cower and feel afraid when you raise your hand over his head, even though no harm is intended.

A disruption in life energy flow causing disturbance in the meridians can also originate from lesser emotional and mental upsets, such as poor socialization resulting in anxiety around people or other animals, or when exposed to noise. Physical illness also causes an imbalance in the energy flow through the meridians. When an energetic disturbance originates from physical illness, that disturbance can ultimately cause an imbalanced emotional or mental state. This is often seen in older animals that are arthritic or losing their hearing or sight.

Introducing MTT

Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) is a term used for a variety of interventions that influence the meridian pathways. MTT works to release or calm that freezing effect in the brain by reducing or eliminating the disturbances lodged in the meridians from the original trauma.

During an MTT session, blocks are removed by tapping on certain points along the meridians. In acupuncture, these are referred to as acupoints. But instead of applying needles, the points are tapped.

Each case is different and is addressed by using a particular tapping algorithm that is determined during my initial assessment/history-taking process. For animals, the tapping can be done directly on the body, or a handsoff approach can be used. Where fear or aggression is an issue, hands-off is preferred; in these cases, myself or the animal guardian can act as a surrogate for the patient. MTT is non invasive and not painful.

When is MTT a good choice?

This modality can be used to help with a wide range of issues:

• Aids in correcting behaviorial problems, including separation anxiety and phobias, or issues stemming from poor socialization

• Decreases effects of trauma from abuse or severe neglect that cannot be corrected with standard training methods

• Changes ritualistic behaviors such as spinning and licking paws

• Restores optimism in an animal that has lost interest in life

• Reduces physical discomfort or depression caused by illness or old age

• Decreases embedded behavioral patterns that lead to aggression

• Alleviates energetic blocks that contribute to eating disorders in animals

How many sessions are needed?

The number of MTT sessions required depends on the severity and complexity of the problem. Although it is impossible to guarantee a particular outcome, a single session may be enough. I may advise more sessions and often recommend scheduling four. When using any alternative modality, it is often advisable to do additional sessions for a short while to help the animal’s body “hold” the new level of adjustment and support a balanced state.

MTT may sound simple, but it’s a profoundly effective modality that can have an amazing impact on your animal companion’s physical and emotional well being.


Judith Levy M.Ed., CEHP, RMT, principal of Wellness for People and Pets, is an acclaimed animal behavior consultant and helps families and their animals achieve positive relationships She specializes in helping animals across the country who have a history or abuse or neglect and suffer from anxiety and trauma. She combines traditional canine and feline behavior modification methods with energy practices such as Reiki and Meridian Tapping.