Pet leasing ban passed in New York

Beware of pet leasing! Offered by some pet stores as a way for customers to take puppies home without buying them, these financing plans are scams — and it’s not in your best interest to sign on the dotted line.

Have you heard of pet leases? These unethical high-interest financing plans are offered by some pet stores as a way for customers to take puppies home without buying them. The pets are owned by leasing companies rather than their families, and are paid for in increments over the course of months or years. Not surprisingly, this practice poses numerous problems for pets and their guardians, and raises questions regarding who is permitted to make medical decisions for the animals during the leasing period.

In 2017, a couple of state governments took action against pet leasing. Nevada became the first state to ban the practice, followed closely by California. Recently, a third state stepped up to the plate — on June 14, New York lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting financial schemes such as pet leasing. As of this writing, the bill is with Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose support and signature will enact it into law.


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