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finding toys for your dog's play style

Different dogs have different play styles. When buying toys for your dog, think about the kind of play he enjoys most, and look for something that will satisfy that drive. Dogs like to be busy, both physically and mentally. Otherwise, boredom, anxiety and even depression can result. Even though today’s dogs are mostly bred to …

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interactive feeders

Puzzle toys and interactive feeders are a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and encourage her to work for her food. But are they okay to use with raw diets? Exercising your dog’s mind is very important. She needs daily doses of mentally challenging exercise to help keep her happy and well-adjusted. Stuffing food …

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mentally stimulating and enrichment dog toys

Circling through these five themes of environmental enrichment can help keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated as well as happy, content and well-behaved. As loving dog caregivers, we provide shelter, food, water, toys, exercise and vet care for our animals. But did you know that environmental enrichment should also be integrated into our dogs’ …

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sad indoor dog

The winter can be tough, but keeping your indoor dog occupied doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips to keep him happy and healthy until spring arrives. Being stuck inside too much can make you a little depressed, and it can also affect your canine companion. According to a study by the veterinary charity People’s Dispensary for …