Breakthrough test detects chronic diseases in animals

Thanks to a new saliva test, pet parents can determine whether or not their cat or dog has a chronic disease without leaving the comfort of home!

A ground-breaking new test developed by Hemopet, a non-profit animal blood bank, uses saliva to detect chronic diseases in dogs and cats. The cellular oxidative stress test, CellBIO, measures isoprostane, the biomarker lipid that leads to obesity, infections, tissue inflammation and even cancers.

CellBIO builds on NutriScan, another saliva-based diagnostic test developed by Hemopet that tests for food intolerances. According to Hemopet founder, veterinarian Dr. W. Jean Dodds, these tools can anticipate problems in dogs and cats, giving animal parents a chance to prevent problems with diet and supplement changes.

CellBIO kits are complimentary and reports are emailed within five to seven days to animal parents, and to their veterinarians, if desired.