top pet industry trends

Take a look at SuperZoo’s top pet industry trends of 2017!

Running a successful pet business requires a consistent focus on the trending products and services your customers are seeking. Tap into this year’s top pet retail trends as identified by SuperZoo, North America’s premier pet industry trade show. For retailers around the world, SuperZoo is the ultimate source of pet industry inspiration. This year, 850 new products launched at SuperZoo, and we’re offering you exclusive insight into the top four that will improve your inventory and appeal to savvy shoppers.

Top trend #1: camping equipment for pets

Pet-friendly travel has been a top trend for years— but now it’s not just hotels that are getting in on the action. Dog-friendly campgrounds are appealing to pet families that opt for outdoor adventure over indoor accommodations, and companies are tapping into this opportunity to unveil a wide variety of gear to keep pets safe and comfortable.

Industry insiders at SuperZoo identified a number of products in the canine camping category—from pet-tech GPS locator systems to water purifier and bowl systems that guard against giardia, and from subzero sleeping bags and memory foam cots to protective jackets and tents.

Retailer top tips:

• Set up an “Animal Adventurer” section of your store where you group all outdoor adventure products in one easy-to-access area.
• Host a “Camping with Your Canine” informational seminar, offering tips for safe excursions with your pet and showcasing new products.
• Increase your social media exposure by hosting a photo contest for customers to share images of their animals enjoying their time—and using their new gear—in the great outdoors.

Top trend #2: cannabis products for pets

With medical marijuana legalized in many states and recreational marijuana legalized in eight, the pet industry is getting on board with the benefits of cannabis to treat a variety of medical conditions. There was quite a buzz among retailers at SuperZoo surrounding a handful of exhibitors showcasing medications and treats with cannabis as the active ingredient.

Used to treat a range of ailments, from anxiety to hip and joint pain, the cannabis treats and medications contain cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana. While scientific research is still catching up on CBD’s effects on pets, anecdotal evidence abounds and many pet owners are noticing recognizable improvements in their senior, ailing or anxious pets. In fact, one SuperZoo attendee whose 13-year-old lab suffers from severe joint problems was excited to try these products to see if they would help her dog walk pain-free again without the negative side effects of other medications.

Retailer top tips:

• Research the benefits of CBD and cannabis products for pets and share this information with customers via your social channels.
• Host an informational session led by a medical expert on the health benefits of medical marijuana for pets.
• Create a holistic health section of your store that highlights your interest in overall animal wellness.

Top trend #3: paw-ty products for pet celebrations

Life is a party when you’re a pet owner! That’s the idea behind this trend, which takes animal party themes to a new level by showcasing special occasion dog wear for holidays like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, birthdays and even Spa Day!

SuperZoo exhibitors went all out for their festive animal affairs, showcasing a menagerie of matching accessories: hats, booties, nail color, jeweled custom dog collars and matching leashes to fit all occasions.

Retailer top tips:

• Get festive! Throw a “Gotcha Day” party, a communal celebration for all the adopted animals whose owners may not know their pet’s actual birthday. Decorate the store with available products and showcase festive treats and special occasion outfits.
• Get social! Host a social media photo contest for pet owners to show off their animal celebrations.

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