Do you struggle to get a harness on your dog?

The very mention of going for a walk can send dog into an excitable frenzy. In many cases, they exhibit the classic signs of anticipation – tail wagging, jumping, barking and even mouthing. These behaviors can make putting a harness on your pooch or attaching a leash nearly impossible.

Our friend, animal behavior specialist, Alana Stevenson, provides quick body language and handling tips to keep your dog calmer and happier when attaching the leash or putting on a harness.

Alana Linsay Stevenson is a professional Dog Behaviorist, Cat Behaviorist, Dog Trainer, and Animal Massage Therapist. She has been resolving pet behavioral issues since early 2003. Alana has a Master of Science in Biology Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She is on the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s Cat-Friendly Practice Advisory Council and is certified in Low Stress Handling for both dogs and cats.